Former alumni ambassador tags arrive for Disneyland Paris ambassadors

Disney’s ambassadors have had the honor of representing Disneyland Paris and its wonderful family of talented cast members since Sabine Marcon was named the resort’s first ambassador in 1992. Since then, they have continued to play a prominent role. , maintaining the tradition and Walt Disney’s desire to share Disney magic around the world.

And as we like to say: once a Disney ambassador, always a Disney ambassador! So all we need to do is get together and catch up on how everyone is doing. Last week was a perfect example of this, when we got together for the holidays and enjoyed our brand new dazzling Mickey Christmas parade, the return of the spectacular Disney Night Lighting and even surprised them. with a very special gift in honor of his legacy.

In recognition of those who have served as ambassadors for Disneyland Paris, new small name tags of alumni ambassadors of vibrant gold were introduced during a small gathering. Those unfamiliar with Disney history may even notice the blue shape and color inspired by the No. 1 insignia of Walt Disney’s Disneyland employees!

Claire and Jonah
Claire Jenkins, 1999 Disneyland Paris Ambassador
“I am very honored to carry this new name tag that brings us closer to our ‘brothers and sisters Ambassa’ around the world.”
Wendy and Jonah
Wendy Courquet, 2007-2008 Disneyland Paris Ambassador
“Tonight we were able to enjoy the Christmas parade with our fellow ambassadors. It is an absolute honor to be able to bear this name tag, which represents all members of the Disneyland Paris cast. Thank you so much!”
Sonia and Jonah
Sonia Demay, ambassador of Disneyland Paris 2015-2016
“Thank you so much for this great gift! It was a real surprise, and it’s always a great pleasure to see our “family” again.

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