A resolution for change: Walt Disney World cast members go beyond their commitment to the environment

Have you decided on your New Year’s Eve? Think of being inspired by these amazing cast members who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to creating a more sustainable future.

At Walt Disney World Resort, caring for the environment is all about what we do. Every year, we recognize the teams that go further to make a big impact with the Champion of the Year Award for the Environment. I’m happy to announce our latest recipients!

RunDisney recipients
EPCOT recipients

Cast members support to runDisney has always done its part to reduce waste during racing weekends by encouraging guests, volunteers and vendors to recycle bottles and cans, soft plastics, cardboard and clothing. From 2018, they significantly increased their efforts with the launch of to runDisney’s first food scrap collection program. They helped divert more than 6,300 pounds of banana peels from the landfill in just two racing seasons. This is the weight of 18 vehicles with Dumbo the Flying Elephant! The collected banana peels were converted into renewable energy. The program will continue during the weekend of the Walt Disney World 2022 Marathon, when banana peels will be composted again.

Recipients of Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Disney’s Contemporary Resort cast members became the top recyclers by sharing information with their peers and making recycling as easy as possible. By closely monitoring collection containers, they ensure that recyclables are not sent to landfill and take great care to keep food waste, mixed recycling and soft plastic containers separate so that there is no cross-contamination. They also identified areas around the station that did not have recycling bins and added more where they were needed.

In addition, Chef Mickey’s kitchen equipment went further by reducing £ 19,000 of food waste to the restaurant where they used special technology designed to track and reduce food waste. They shared their findings with other places to eat and drink at Walt Disney World. A member of the team, Chef Anthony, also helped eliminate the use of ice for cooling the buffet by introducing reusable frozen dishes. This one step saves 500 pounds of ice a day and 22,750 gallons of water a year!

Recipients of FAM Design

By 2030, The Walt Disney Company is committed to achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions, with the Facilities Asset Management (FAM) design team ready. This year, they reduced greenhouse gas emissions and conserved water at Walt Disney World and beyond. Some of the team’s major victories include improving the efficiency of air conditioning systems, designing more efficient water heating systems, and ensuring that water features work properly to conserve. as much water as possible. These efforts helped Walt Disney World Resort reduce emissions by 35 percent.

Other teams have also benefited from his work. By sharing their best practices, FAM Design helped Disneyland review new equipment to conserve water and reduce emissions. They also provide guidance to help you make sustainable design decisions while dreaming of future offerings.

To keep up to date with the latest environmental stories from cast members, check out Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment Facebook and follow Dr. Mark on Instagram.

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