Review: Disney World changed almost everything about this cupcake except the color blue

Okay, Disney World is currently obsessed with the color blue, and we’re not just talking about the 50th anniversary merchandise, but also the 50th anniversary FOOD.

MORE blue tint, everyone!

We ate a LOT of blue dye, all with all the 50th anniversary snacks. As if we couldn’t even. From blue cupcakes to blue drinks to blue croissants, we wouldn’t be surprised if our fingers weren’t permanently blue. But we do it so you don’t have to, so today, we tried another blue snack!

And this snack doesn’t even have a 50th anniversary theme! It’s actually a New Year’s Eve themed cupcake (also a Cinderella Cupcake, either theme works here!), But Disney World is so stuck in blue that it’s literally stuck in blue mode. Back this year is the Midnight cupcake. While last year’s version was chocolate, this year’s cupcake is one Vanilla cupcake with Champagne butter cream (BLUE champagne butter cream, note), Chocolate beads ia White chocolate watch to help us count back to midnight!

Why is champagne icing dyed blue?

Despite the blue color, however, In fact, we liked the champagne icing this time (it was hard for us to pick up that flavor last year): it almost had one light citrus flavor. He The chocolate pearls also added a nice texture.

The ice cream is delicious, but …

The cupcake was also very moist with a slight vanilla flavor.

A look inside will reveal even more changes from last year’s version: there’s one delicious filling with the same flavor as the icing (last year’s cupcake had an artificial flavored strawberry filling, so this year seems to have been an improvement), as well as BLUE icing pearls on top, just to prove that this cupcake DOESN’T NEED TO BE BLUE. But now we’re rambling (blame the blue dye), because well, it’s delicious.

Juicy icing

But we have to mention it because it’s worth repeating – this blue ice cream will stain your hands, your mouth and everything it touches, just like he did last year! I guess the old year wants to leave a lasting impression on us!


So now that you’ve been notified, if you want to try this cupcake for yourself, you can find it at Captain Cook at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort for $ 5.99. And we’ll be looking forward to more New Year’s sweets at Disney World, so be sure to check back soon for more reviews!

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What do you think about the whole blue color of Disney World snacks right now? Let us know in the comments!

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