Could Disney World finally cool down !? ❄️

Are you starting the first full week of 2022 at Disney World?

Cinderella Castle

If you’re going to the most magical place on Earth next week, it’s time to pack up! Well, we’re here to help. Let’s take a look at an update on the weather so you know EXACTLY what to wear.

Weather forecast

Last week brought us surprisingly warm temperatures for the start of the new year and guess what? It could actually get a little cold this week. Winter, is it really you?

Slinky Dog Dash

According to The Weather Channel, we will see warmer days and cooler nights. Admittedly, you may experience some chills as you prepare to watch the fireworks.

January 3

Monday, January 3 it will bring us a BIG drop in temperatures compared to what we saw last week with a maximum of 66 degrees. We saw generally cooler (and sometimes downright COLD) temperatures earlier this season, and it looks like we could go down again.

© The Weather Channel

This minimum is around 54 degrees. You may think the 54 degrees doesn’t sound too cold, but beware! You may feel much colder when you’ve been comfortable at 66 degrees all day.

January 4

The next day January 4 it will bring us another warmer, drier day. This week you can get used to the sunny days! These temperatures will end up being much warmer than those of Monday during the day and a little warmer at night. Get ready for 76 degrees during the day and 59 degrees at night.

© The Weather Channel

We love to see the chances of low rainfall in the forecast. Crossing our fingers next week will look as nice as expected in the predictions.

January 5th

Wednesday, January 5th, the maximum is heated a few degrees …

© The Weather Channel

… and so does the bass! Florida winters are usually characterized by comfortable days and cool nights – a great time to explore Disney World theme parks!

January 6

For thursday January 6, this high jump rises slightly to 79 degrees. This time of year is nice because we have a LOT of sun without the UV rays of summer INSALS.

© The Weather Channel

However, this does not mean that you are safe from a burn! Wear sunscreen and reapply to make sure you are comfortable and SAFE throughout your vacation! Just a warning: Thursday gives us our highest chance of rain of the week.

January 7

The week continues with high temperatures similar to the rest of the week January 7 with cooler temperatures to follow at night. We won’t complain about a constantly enjoyable stretch of days!

© The Weather Channel

There is still no rain in the forecast, but this is not a guarantee. Remember that Florida is known for sudden rainfall, even when it is not expected!

January 8

Saturday, January 8 it brings us another day of those pleasantly warm temperatures. Grab this coat for the night. WE WERE DEFINITELY guilty of having to buy an expensive Disney jacket.

© The Weather Channel

Here, we are looking at a high of 75 degrees and a low of 57 degrees.

January 9

And we will end the week January 9 with these temperatures sitting at about 79 degrees comfortable and warmer and about 62 degrees colder.

© The Weather Channel

With temperatures fluctuating a bit this week, you may see your favorite type of weather at some point. Looks like January at Disney World has something for everyone!

Summary of the week

Here’s a full overview of the week according to The Weather Channel. Temperatures are SUPER stable this week. We are mainly looking at highs from 60 to 70 and lows from 50 to 60.

© The Weather Channel

Other websites like Click Orlando News 6 …

© Click Orlando News 6

… And WESH 2 News have similar forecasts throughout the week.

© WESH 2 News

Keep checking the forecast before your trip! Florida WEATHER LOVES changing it, so don’t get caught off guard by a sudden hot day or rainy afternoon.

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How should you plan?

If you’re going to Disney World next week, here are some tips on how to plan your time!

Get ready to be hot and cold!

It can be super nice to get away from your coldest hometown and head to Disney World, where you have 80 degree sunny days. Still, you may be surprised to find yourself hot and cold next week! Make sure you are safe and comfortable when you are in these holiday temperatures!

Star Wars hat

We recommend that you wear a hat or sunglasses on hand to keep the sun out of your eyes and use sunscreen to make sure you don’t end up in a painful burn! Then, as night approaches, add an extra layer! Having a scarf or jacket in your bag can do wonders when you feel a sudden Florida chill.

Click here for more tips on preparing your park bag!

Get ready for the unexpected!

Just because the forecast looks like we’ll be without rain all week, doesn’t mean you’ll have to skip packing this raincoat. You never know when a sudden downpour may arise!

Rainy day

A good choice? Wear an insulated waterproof jacket! That way, you have a coat to help keep you warm in the cold and dry in the rain!

Click here for more information on surviving the rain at Disney World!

Have a nice trip and be comfortable with these temperatures! See you right here next week for another full time update!

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