Exciting new changes at Explorer’s Club restaurant at Hong Kong Disneyland

Inspired by the adventures of Lord Henry Mystic around the world, there has been an exciting makeover at Hong Kong Disneyland’s Explorer’s Club restaurant, which now includes a semi-buffet service format with exquisite ingredients from different countries and cultures. as an exhibition of memories and correspondence between Lord Henry and his international friends.

The imaginaries of the Hong Kong Design & Show Quality (DSQ) team took advantage of this exciting opportunity to add new graphics, accessories and visual illustrations in an effort to improve the inclusion and relevance of the attraction. With Den Den Tse as producer and Kendall Elliott as art director, the new shows show Lord Henry’s great passion for making new friends and appreciating cultures from around the world, as well as reinforcing the goals of the Society of ‘Explorers and Adventurers (SEA) to expand humans. cultural knowledge and awareness.

New changes at Hong Kong Disneyland's Explorer's Club Restaurant

Guests may already be familiar with Lord Henry Mystic, the owner of Mystic Point, and a dear member of SEA. This secret society connects many of the characters and stories of Disney theme park attractions around the world. Explorer’s Club Restaurant is the meeting place for Lord Henry and SEA members to celebrate their globetrotting adventures. There, they spin their stories and toast for their travels, and guests are invited to join them in appreciating the cultures of the magnificent places where SEA members have ventured.

Collage of details at the Explorer's Club restaurant at Hong Kong Disneyland

The display cases and cabinet show some of the treasures Lord Henry has received during his travels around the world, including places such as China, Russia, Egypt, India, and more. He shows many of his letters to his friends and acquaintances, as well as other gifts he received from his friends. In the cupboards, items depict Lord Henry’s research, such as Chinese rice stalks, spices from the Calcutta spice market, soda produced through Egyptian salt mining, and customs of consuming Russian tea.

Guests will be able to admire the murals that Lord Henry received as a gift from his international friends on the Explorer’s Club server. Beautifully illustrated by conceptual artists Sandra Liang and Dilara Polat, these paintings represent a common theme of food as a theme, each with the unique styles and exotic spirits of the distant lands he visited, including fishing in China. cooking in India, grazing in Russia, and agriculture in Egypt.

Prior to the launch of the new offering, the Imagineers dressed as Lord Henry’s staff at the Explorer’s Club and conducted an engaging storytelling training session, while on the character, for the Food & Food team. Beverage. They shared first-hand anecdotes and the improved story on the team so that they too could engage guests with those stories when the restaurant reopened its doors to guests on December 22nd.

These new exhibits illustrate SEA members’ passion for other cultures and invite visitors to the Explorer’s Club restaurant on a journey of cultural appreciation. Maybe one day you’ll be invited to the Explorer’s Club, taste some of these delicious foods inspired by other cultures, and maybe even learn a thing or two from their adventures!

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