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Extended night schedule of the theme park (EETPH).

What are EETPHs? Currently, EPCOT and Magic Kingdom are open two additional hours one day a week, and only guests staying at Deluxe or Deluxe Villa (DVC) resorts can stay and play. This can mean some potentially very late nights, but it also means that almost no one (relatively speaking) bothers to stay up late and take advantage.

Both parks have been reported to be ghost towns during the EETPH, with most attractions (including headliners) being visited, especially during the second hour. So we decided to send a park verifier to EPCOT to find out how to get the most out of an extended EPCOT afternoon.

Spend two hours looking at the Earth spacecraft? I don’t care if I do …

Explain the goal!

The barrier to entry into EETPH is quite steep. You must be willing to give up cash to stay in a Deluxe or Deluxe villa complex in order to qualify. But in the world of DVC rentals that reduce this cost, which is the same world where Genie + is an additional purchase to avoid lines, it is not a totally unreasonable strategy. Especially if you are already accustomed to budgeting for on-site stays at moderate or upscale resorts.

Our goal for tonight was to try what you could really do during the EETPH on what should have been one of the busiest nights on offer: December 27, 2021. This is right in the middle of the crowds. holiday, and almost all the parks were completely booked every day of that holiday week. Therefore ought to being a bit the worst case scenario for the utility of EETPH.

In addition, we listened to the comments in our post “Maximizing Early Entry Time” aloud and clearly. You don’t want a bunch of second-rate spinners to block your bonus time. Okay. This means that our main goal during these afternoon hours is to get to as many attractions with as much waiting as possible. At EPCOT, the “big four” are Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure (which only offers standby during EETPH), Frozen Ever After, Test Track and Soarin ‘.

How did we do it?

Our tester in the parks started looking at Harmonious from the Italian pavilion. We assumed that most people who took advantage of EETPH would like to see Harmonious. And this location is good. That said, Harmonious is running on top of EETPH, so you’re technically giving up some of your time to watch it. Tonight, Harmonious started at 9:45 and ran until 10:05, while EETPH started at 10:00.

The view of Harmonious from Italy

Once Harmonious was over, Chrissy made the trip from Italy to France. Luckily, he had no Alps to deal with (and he left his elephant at home anyway). But he did have a week of Harmonious holidays viewing crowds in his own way, which is probably quite comparable. He arrived at Remy at 10:12 pm and had a big surprise 2 minutes, 17 seconds wait before you go on your adventure.

A 2 minute wait, without the virtual queuing process, is definitely the best way to mount Remy.

Crowds were still leaking from the park when Remy was killed, and he had to make his way through the crowds of humanity to Soarin ‘. This is a 14 minute walk (over half a mile). But he got to the building and ended up with one 9 minutes look forward to your trip. Soarin ‘wait times in these short wait conditions depend largely on the show’s cycle. So a 9 minute wait probably means that the previous show was barely missed.

Are you just waiting 9 minutes for Soarin ‘? Great. Getting this undistorted center seat? priceless.

After Soarin, it was another walk around (fewer) people and (more) walls to the test track. But his 10-minute walk was followed by another 9 minutes he waited while building his car and then went for a walk.

The car we all need in our lives for 2022

There is only one trip left for the big four, so he returned to the World Showcase to board his ship at Frozen Ever After. There were no people in the whole line in front of her, so she had a dodge 0 minutes wait shortly after 11:30 p.m.

It’s a very strange pleasure if you go through the whole queue of Frozen Ever After.

The big four were out of the way and he still had some time left, so he went to the attraction that was physically closer to his location as an advantage. This was Gran Fiesta Tour, which also had a nice, relaxing stay 0 minutes just wait.

A walk to Gran Fiesta is not such an impressive feat, but it is a good relaxing walk before midnight.

Summarizing all this: in the course of the 2-hour EETPH, he was able to get 5 attractions (4 headliners), with 20 minutes from total waiting. He also walked for about 42 minutes (1.6 miles) and lasted about 30 minutes of active attraction.

What would this be like without EETPH?

Suppose you do not meet the requirements for EETPH and do not want to pay for Genie + or ILL. We will also say that you are not staying at the site at all, so you cannot use Early Theme Park Entry (ETPE). What would your day be like if you tried to do the same 5 attractions as efficiently as possible?

A 50-minute wait for digital polar bears? No thankyou.

The retrospective is at 8:20 pm (and 2020 is in retrospect, thank God), but if you had done magic with the most optimal tour plan, you would have dropped the test track. Unfortunately for you, a group of ETPE people would also have dropped the test track, so you’ll start the day with a 55 minutes just wait. The test track peaked at a published 120-minute wait that day, so 55 minutes is not. horrible.

Then you would have gone to Soarin ‘and had one 50 minutes wait there. The park was crowded and the published waiting times reached a maximum of 85 minutes. You could have saved about 5 minutes of waiting if you had entered the line in the middle of the afternoon, but … then that would have rejected the other steps.

After Soarin ‘, you could walk to Gran Fiesta Tour. It’s 12:15 at the moment, but you don’t have time to stop for lunch if we’re talking about trying to do as much as possible as soon as possible. Your wait would have been 15 minutes, which again is not bad because the published waiting time reached a maximum of 30 minutes later in the afternoon.

Then you would finally arrive at Frozen Ever After at 12:45 and you would have come across one 75 minutes just wait. Frozen went down several times during the day and reached a maximum with a published waiting time of 150 minutes. No thankyou.

All this ignores the fact that you should have marked a virtual queue boarding group for Remy and had no control over when it would be called. We’ve still been seeing very long waits after calling the boarding groups and queuing up, especially when ILL shopping is popular (as if they were on this day for a lot of people), so you can easily add 90 more minutes waiting for your total wait. time, and could also have mistaken the optimal hit of the other attractions.

To sum it all up: your day without EETPH trying to reproduce EETPH attractions as efficiently as possible would have required you to wait 195 minutes for four attractions (plus the waiting time for Remy). You would have walked at least 41 minutes (1.4 miles) and potentially more if Remy was not conveniently the last attraction of the day. Your day would have started at 9:30 and you would have ended Frozen at 2:15 without lunch and without experiencing Remy (if your boarding group hadn’t called).

What does this mean for you?

  1. If Remy’s Ratatouille is offline in the evening, but the “Temporarily Closed” tag disappears about 15 minutes before EETPH starts, this is your indication that it will open when EETPH starts. Other people may not know this trick, but it made the difference between a 5-minute posted wait for our tester and a 30-minute posted wait for most of the rest of the night.
  2. You will not succeed all EPCOT during the EETPH. The attractions are too far away and the duration of the attractions is too long. We had an almost ideal night, but when walking takes up 35% of the night and the duration of the attraction takes up another 25%, there are only so many things you can do.
  3. Published waiting times are generally quite inflated, especially before the start of the EETPH (so regular guests do not choose to queue). Frozen Ever After had a posted 75-minute wait during the first 15 minutes of EETPH, but then dropped to 25 immediately thereafter. The test track has gone from 40 minutes posted at 10pm to 20 minutes posted at 10:10 pm. He stayed in 20 minutes the rest of the night, but the real ones were always around 8 minutes.
  4. This should have been one of the busiest EETPHs of the year. So unless the fantastic EETPH is spreading (the first rule of EETPH is not to talk about EETPH), you should probably expect even lower waiting times, when possible, if you visit.
  5. If Becky had my ideal EPCOT EETPH (which, let’s be honest, won’t happen; thank you, little kids for getting to bed early), I wouldn’t mind Future World. The best benefit to your “dollar” is taking advantage of the low wait times in Frozen Ever After and Remy so you don’t have to buy ILL for either. And I would spend the rest of my time strolling quietly through the empty pavilions of the World Showcase.

Have you tried EETPH at EPCOT? Or does Chrissy’s experience convince you that maybe you should stay up late? Let us know in the comments! And remember that the lovely people at TouringPlans can help you book Deluxe so you can take advantage of this great advantage! Click below for a quote.

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