REVIEW: You can eat fireworks with Disney World’s newest cupcake!

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s almost 2022?

It’s almost 2022!

There are so many ways to celebrate at Disney World, Disneyland, fan favorite restaurants, or the couch! We’ve already given you a look at the return of New Year’s fireworks to Magic Kingdom and tried a returning New Year’s cupcake, but now we’re checking out another 2022-inspired treat!

If you want to count down to 2022 with a dessert, go for it BoardWalk Bakery! We caught him Mickey Cupcake 2022 and it is VERY festive!

Mickey Cupcake 2022!

This cupcake is made with vanilla cake and a root beer jelly, and is topped with vanilla cream ia Mickey red chocolate covered with stars i2022. ” And it has the most adorable White chocolate bright red and gold “fireworks!”

It’s time to call 2022!

The top looks a lot like last year’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom New Year’s cupcake, but it has completely different flavors. So let’s see how this New Year’s cupcake looks!

So beautiful and festive

We loved the vanilla cream! Was super light and not too sweet, but we did I wish there were many more. In fact, we would grab more whipped cream on top of the chocolate toppers!

This is cream on top!

This cupcake was really wet and cool and the The root beer jelly was surprisingly good! He added a little strange texture in the cupcake but it worked well anyway because there weren’t a lot of them.

Happy New Year!

Overall, the 2022 cupcake was a little on the tasteless side so some people might wish it had more flavors than vanilla and root beer. But the Root beer jelly was a lot of fun i if you’re a fan of root beer, you might like it!

Root beer jelly

This cupcake is perfect for anyone who prefers more cake to their cupcakes, but if you’re a big fan of chocolate or ice cream, this cupcake might not work for you. We believe kids would love the flavor of root beer and the fun bright chocolate fireworks!

This treat won’t last long, so be sure to head to BoardWalk Bakery soon if you want to try it! You can take it for $ 5.99.

Magdalena 2022

We’ll keep you posted on the latest New Year’s Eve news at Disney World, so stay tuned for more!

How to watch Disney World New Year’s Eve fireworks LIVE from home

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What’s your favorite New Year’s Eve snack? Let us know in the comments!

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