The most fantastic places in Disney World restaurants that few experience

At this point, it is widely known Disney World restaurants are as magical as the attractions and attractions of the parks! After all, we call ourselves Disney FOOD Blog, not Disney RIDE Blog!

Be our guest

Some of the world’s most iconic Disney World restaurants may feel as familiar and magical as Main Street, USA, but even the most popular restaurants have interesting places that few people know about!

From understated restaurants and lounges to radar-free dining rooms and elite tables. Disney World restaurants are full of surprises!

We still love you, Spice Road Table

Whether it’s a special recreational occasion or a casual cocktail at a Disney World resort, these are the most fantastic Disney World restaurants POCS have ever experienced!


There is no secret about the popularity of The BOATHOUSE! This mecca of surfing and turf is usually one of the busiest and most enjoyable places in Disney Springs!

We would like a boat seat, please!

But the most fantastic place is an area that most people probably don’t even realize exists! These are the rear docks behind the restaurant, which are quite hidden and not easy to see for most people.

Boathouse Outdoor seating

Bonus added: these seats are kept open for guests arriving at the first service! This is great because The BOATHOUSE is not exactly the easiest restaurant to get a reservation from. Another exclusive place at The BOATHOUSE is dinner on a boat.

Boat cabin seats

There are many tables in this seafood restaurant, but not many on a real boat!

REVIEW: Put on your captain’s hat and start the yacht rock! Let’s go to The Boathouse in Disney Springs!

Victoria & Albert’s

If money is no object (and if it never reopens), then one of the most amazing seats in all of Disney World is easily Victoria & Albert’s elite chef’s table.

Chef’s table overlooking the kitchen!

Of course, it’s also the most expensive seat in Disney World (which is why few have experienced it, of course), but the opportunity to literally dinner in the kitchen of this Grand Floridian gastronomic gem it’s an opportunity you won’t soon forget.

Review: Are there too many truffles? Check it out at Victoria and Albert’s at Disney World!

Spice Road Table

Here’s our little secret: Spice Road Table is probably EPCOT’s MOST underrated restaurant (if not all Disney World tbh)! This is true for their cocktails, their food and, of course, their sight!

Spice Road Table

In fact, the nearest water table in this Moroccan Pavilion restaurant has some of the best views for fireworks and compared to some of the most popular waterfront restaurants on the World Showcase, this is one that very few have done! Don’t let the term “spice” deter you, this restaurant includes flavor and views!

Review: Why don’t we eat more often at Spice Road Table at EPCOT?

Be our guest

In general, many people have not experienced Be Our Guest simply because it is a hassle to get a reservation! Apart from that, for those who HAVE dined inside the castle of Beauty and the Beast, the truth is that some rooms and sections are cooler than others.

Be our guest restaurant

If we are choosing favorites, the The west wing room is a winner for a few reasons: It has less of that volume resembling a ballroom concert hall, and it’s less, umm, simple than the Rose Gallery.

The west wing

The most beautiful place on the west wing? The table closest to the enchanted rose that withers! It’s fun to sit away from the restaurant’s main fight, with an endless looping flower show. The darker lighting in this area can make it difficult to capture this Instagram-quality photo of your meal, but the experience pays off!

Am I having EQUIPPED dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney World?

Crew’s Cup Lounge

As we know Crew’s Cup Lounge is one of Disney World’s most underrated bars? Because, dare we guess that if you mention this place to anyone who is on vacation here, they will look at you with an empty, confused look.

Crew’s Cup Lounge seats

It’s the casual alternative to Yachtsman Steakhouse at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, and his table service counterpart ignores him, making him feel like a hidden gem.

So cozy here

Also, the whole space (especially the intimate area of ​​the bar) looks like one cozy wooden-lined shelter on a luxury yacht. I love that!

At First Sight: Can’t get a table at Yachtsman Steakhouse? Eat here at Disney World.

Yak and Yeti

When it comes to first-class dining experiences at Animal Kingdom, Tiffins and Nomad Lounge tend to have a lot of glory. Caram, even the Cheeseburger Pods in Satu’li Canteen are more famous than Yak & Yeti!

Always look up

And that’s a shame because this two-story decorated Asian restaurant is as beautiful as it is delicious, especially when you can get one of the side tables from the window upstairs, with an action-packed view of the park while you’re surrounded by amazing Asian artifacts and art!

Review: Did we find the most amazing dish of nachos in Disney’s animal kingdom? Yes. Yes, we did.

Dahlia Hall

Disney World has no shortage of high-flying restaurants and lounges Stunning views. But for all the popular places like California Grill, there is a time to sleep waiting to be discovered. Enter: Dahlia Lounge.

Outdoor seating

Located on top of the Great Destination Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. We think Dahlia Lounge has some of the most stunning views of Disney World, and the outdoor terrace is an ideal vantage point from which to drink it all, while drinking a Great Gin Tonic, of course.

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Enchanted rose

Psst: Be Our Guest is not the only place in Disney World for an atmosphere of Beauty and the Beast. Much easier to get to, Enchanted Rose is the elegant lounge of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and has some lesser-known nooks and crannies to explore.

Enchanted rose

Most people choose to sit under — or near — the large gold chandelier on the main bar, which makes sense given that it is the most Beauty & the Beast of all living spaces here.

There is a beautiful courtyard.

But there is actually an outdoor patio here that tends to be overlooked! What a dress-like chandelier lacks, makes up for it with the tranquility and PRIME Grand Floridian views!

Is Disney World’s Enchanted Rose Lounge as charming as we remember? Read our latest review!

The Mill New York Trattoria

Not all great Disney World restaurants are actually an elite table or a privileged seat. Case in point: one of our favorite “cool” places is actually large cheese display at Il Mulino New York Trattoria! Because really, what’s cooler than a real cheese throne?

The Mill

Located in the heart of the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort’s restaurant, surrounded by bustling tables. the GREAT exhibition includes a wide variety of attractive cheeses and wines, with a long mirror on top that offers another view.

Call it cheese!

It is a cheesy photogenic moment, in the best possible sense. And it will make you want to order Parmigiano Reggiano.

WARNING⚠️ COAL OVERLOAD! We are ranking the 11 best pasta dishes at Disney World!

Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Pattern dining room

This Adventureland classic is another restaurant we are completely obsessed with, it doesn’t matter where we sit or what we eat! And really, there are no “losing” seats in the Cantina del Patró. This restaurant offers unique views and secret details at every turn.

Pattern dining room

One of the most selective dining areas is the Falls Family Parlor. This room, right next to the SEA Room, has a large collection of autumn family heritage and artifacts from their adventures.

Pattern dining room

If we are going to identify the most fantastic place here, we will definitely sit in the Falls family room. The smallest and quietest dining room has SO MANY objects to look at!

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River Roost

Com Crew’s Cup Lounge, River Roost is another SUPER underrated and lesser known bar at Disney World, located within Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside.

Jajaja Bob

Now that the resort has reopened, it’s time to take a seat on the corner of this cozy music bar. by the charismatic pianist, and enjoy an evening of live music and hearty cocktails; could we suggest the spicy Margarita Poblano? But keep in mind that while this place is not widely known among Disney guests, those who know they are loyal usually book a seat hours in advance. So if you want to claim a place, be prepared to arrive soon!

PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Watch Yehaa Bob’s Return to Disney’s Port Orleans – Riverside

Sanaa Hall

Last but not least, we have to decide Sanaa Lounge at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Not to be confused with Sanaa, the main restaurant that everyone knows and loves, this is the most cozy, small and lesser known lounge, and we dare say it is the Disney World’s best kept gastronomic secret!

Sanaa Hall

It’s great because you can get menu items similar to Sanaa (including our beloved Indian style bread service!), no hassle getting a reservation! In addition, the atmosphere feels so relaxed and welcoming. we could stay all day with those NEW bread service sauces!

If you need us, we will be here all day with our sauces

So the next time you feel like something DIFFERENT at Disney World, even in a restaurant you’ve been to a hundred times, look for these great alternative sites for a new interpretation of the most magical meal on Earth!

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What’s your favorite “secret” place at a Disney World restaurant? Let us know in the comments!

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