6 Common Disney World Tips You Should Ignore

We know there’s no shortage of Disney World tips!

Beautiful views of the castle

But not all Disney World tips are the same, and some of them are not good at all! Here they are six common tips we’ve heard a lot that you should definitely ignore!

As people who are in the parks every day, we’ve done a lot of Disney and listened to all the tips and tricks out there. We’ve tried a lot of Disney parks strategies, and some are great! Others are … less cool. These are six tips you should NOT listen to!

Start at a point and walk around the park

If your plan was to start at the entrance and walk around the park, waiting in line for all the attractions and going only to the points on your way, we encourage you to reconsider!

Where would you go first?

For your own sake, please don’t do this! You will end up waiting in more queues of what you need, which means you may not have time to get to everything you want to do.

You may have been waiting in line for a long time!

However, make a list of the attractions and attractions that are most important to you. Plan for do these things first, starting with the most popular! If you top the list early, you can go back and try more attractions.

it’s a small world usually has long queues in the afternoon!

This may mean that you are going through the parks a bit, which is what usually happens to us! You’re sure to get your foot in the door during the day 😉 But it’s worth going to your favorite attractions and getting on board before the wait is too long!

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Go on every trip

He hates to say it, though some Disney World attractions can definitely be missed. Don’t insist on riding them all, because you’ll probably have long queues all day and you’ll be disappointed with some of the trips you might have skipped depending on your party.

Journey to the imagination

Instead, you should do some research and find out which attractions sound best to you and your group. Prioritize the ones that are best for you and your party and make the other attractions a little less appealing to your “if we have time” list.

Everest Expedition

Also, some of the best things about Disney World are not attractions at all! Make sure you find some good snacks, make delicious dinner reservations, see Cinderella Castle, walk around the World Showcase at EPCOT … there’s a lot to do, which with which you do not want to fill your day not more walks.

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Get as many dining reservations as possible

We know this, we’re also obsessed with food at Disney World. The food is so good! But you I could i don’t want to get a lot of dining reservations. Listen to us, because there are a couple of reasons to choose fewer bookings during your trip.

Maya Grill to Coronado Springs

Dining reservations are time consuming during your stay. They will probably last at least an hour, usually longer. If your group prefers to go for walks or to see attractions during this time, consider making a quick service meal that you can grab on the go or eat quickly!

Be our guest in the Magic Kingdom

There may also be table service quite expensive at Disney World parks and resorts. You can save a lot of money by switching a couple of meals to fast service. Want even more intense budget advice? Get your groceries brought to your room for breakfast instead of making this expensive character breakfast. It will save you time and money!

Mickey Mouse

Also, some table service locations are a little more luxurious, which can be super boring for toddlers. They’d probably rather go out for revolving tea cups than sit politely while your waiter gives you the wine list. If you’re traveling with younger kids, it may be more enjoyable for everyone to limit the sleek dinner and spend that money on fun snacks in the parks.

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Bring lots of stuff to the parks with a big backpack

We understand that you want to pack a lot of things for your trip to the parks! In fact, we have many packing lists to remind you of the essentials you need for your trip. But do you really need to carry seven bottles of water? What about four extra pairs of socks? Probably not.


If you put a lot of things in a big bag and carry it all day, you will probably get tired very quickly and then don’t enjoy your day so much. It is also more difficult to carry large bags on trips, especially if they are not crushed with your feet in the vehicle.

Loungefly mini backpacks are a pretty good size for the essentials in the park!

Also, let’s be honest, you probably don’t even use half of your bag stuff. However, Choose the essentials and put them in a smaller bag. You could even save some space by linking your MagicBand to your credit card and leaving your wallet in the hotel room safe!

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Plan every minute of every day

Are you a Disney A-type planner who likes to have everything arranged and arranged months before your trip begins?

The early guest receives the short lines in Avatar: Flight of Passage

We will NEVER tell you not to plan your trip to Disney in depth. The key to a great trip to Disney is good preparation and planning. But make sure plan your vacation time to get some rest and spontaneity! Get up early, do the ropes, do all your favorite walks, and then leave the afternoon to take a dip in the pool, take a walk in the park, or just watch people.

Swimming pool in Coronado Springs

Is better to do a little less but be happy and energetic to do it all and be exhausted all the time! Know your limits and plan accordingly. Honestly, we are big fans of taking a nap when it’s too hot outside. Then we head back to the parks and enjoy the cooler nights!

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Set a fireworks display hours in advance

During your stay in Magic Kingdom and other parks with fireworks shows, you will no doubt see guests sitting in a place with a beautiful view hours before the show is about to begin. You are likely to be tempted to join. Do not do it.

Marking a place in the rain!

Really – you don’t have to be a place to see fireworks and waste hours sitting there when you might be taking walks or finding tasty snacks! You can see the fireworks pretty well from many different places in the park. After all, they are in the sky, which is visible from many different points.

The return of Happy Ever After

Take advantage of your time to make excursions that are likely to have shorter queues while other people sit in the sun or rain waiting for the show to begin!

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We hope this helps you avoid some bad Disney tips and plan the best possible trip to Disney! Remember to do what feels right for your group, even if some tips point you elsewhere. Do you all like to try new foods? Then make some different dinner reservations! Does your child only have to ride Peter Pan three times a day? Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! You can make your trip perfect for you, even if it’s not what others do.

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What are your best tips for planning a trip to Disney? Let us know in the comments!

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