Magical Express updates, a GREAT reopening and more Disney news you need to know!

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This week has been full of updates from everything from Disney’s Magical Express to water parks. Whether you’re going to Disney World early or just wondering what’s going on in the most magical place on Earth, here are all the updates you need to know!

1 – Magical Express Updates

Disney’s Magical Express will be discontinued in January 2022, but before the service officially comes out, we have some updates.

First, during this week we saw it Magical Express signs have begun to fade in Disney World hotels. Instead, we’ve seen new “airport shuttle” signs installed.

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But the Magical Express is not over yet. The service was scheduled to be suspended on January 1, 2022, but this week we received an update. The last day Disney’s Magical Express will take guests to its hotels from the airport is December 31, 2021. However, the The last day Disney’s Magical Express will take guests from its Disney hotels to the airport will be January 10, 2022.

Magical Express disappears soon

Thus, those who plan to use the service during those first days of January to return to the airport can still take advantage of it a bit.

Click here for more information on this update!

2 – Typhoon Lagoon will reopen soon!

As for the big reopening news, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon (which has been closed for some time) will reopen on January 2, 2022!

Typhoon Lagoon Water Park!

And the water park will not only reopen with the same delicacies and sweets of yesteryear. New DOLE Whip deals and more snacks will be available at Typhoon Lagoon when the water park reopens!

© Disney

DOLE Whip fans can also get excited about the reopening because one of the offers that will be available at Typhoon Lagoon is the beloved Hei Hei Cone! That’s how people are! This favorite DFB delicacy is back and we couldn’t be more excited!

© Disney

Other major menu changes (including some price increases) have also affected Typhoon Lagoon. You can click here for more information on these.

But just as one water park reopens, another will close temporarily. Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park will close after January 1, 2022 for refurbishment. We will be watching for more news in this regard.

Click here for more information on the reopening of Typhoon Lagoon!

3 – Disney Collectors: Get Ready !!

In recent years, we’ve gotten some popular merchandise collections like the Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction series and the Disney Stitch Crashes collection. Well, we have great news for lovers of merchandise collections: a new themed series in the same main mouse, Mickey, will be released in 2022!

© Disney

The Mickey Mouse: The main attraction will be a new line of continuity launched throughout 2022. We do not have many details yet, but we have the feeling that this merchandise will be very popular, so get ready to activate these alarms and try to catch this new merchandise.

Click here for this series!

4 – COVID-19 updates

This week we also saw a series of updates on COVID-19. To ensure that we are equipping you, our readers, with all the information you need, we will continue to report all travel, security and COVID news that may affect a visit to Disney parks.

This past week, Florida broke certain daily records of new COVID-19 cases with 31,758 new COVID-19 cases. Besides, the positivity rate of COVID-19 testing has increased significantly in Central Florida. Then, later in the week, Florida broke a one-day record of daily reported cases of COVID-19 with a total of 46,923 new cases.

COVID-19 health and safety signal

Recently the The CDC also updated its COVID-19 isolation and quarantine recommendations. According to the updated rules, the The recommended isolation time for those who test positive for COVID-19 and are asymptomatic is now 5 days., below the previous 10-day recommendation.


Now there are other updates and recommendations.

Click here to read all the latest information from the CDC.

As for the cruise, Disney and more cruise ships are currently under investigation by the CDC due to concerns about COVID-19. Also, the The CDC has now indicated that people should “avoid cruising.”

Disney dreams

As for flying to the United States, no major changes have been made recently, however Dr. Anthony Fauci said in an interview this week that Vaccine requirements are something that should be seriously considered for domestic flights, according to CNBC. Click here for more information on these statements.

Airport congestion

this week Health experts also urged the public to cancel the New Year’s plans. You can click here to see more about these recommendations here.

Click here for more updates on trips to Disney World or Disneyland.

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