What service will you use once Disney’s Magical Express is gone ?! Our readers are involved!

In case you missed it, a major Disney World advantage will be gone in 2022.

Magic express

That’s right, Disney’s Magical Express Airport transportation will be discontinued from January 1, 2022, and guests visiting Disney World will have to find other ways to get from Orlando International Airport to your Disney World hotel. We asked our readers (this is YOU!) About which transportation option you plan to use, and that’s what you said!

We contacted our readers on our Instagram (follow us if you would like to share your views in the future!) And asked: “What service do you plan to use once Magical Express disappears in 2022?”

He Magic express It was a free service for guests staying at Disney World hotels, and provided guests with transportation and handling of luggage to and from Orlando International Airport. This was a big advantage for guests traveling to Disney World by plane, and will no longer be an option in 2022.

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After suspending the Magical Express service, guests can choose from typical transportation methods such as car sharing, taxis, rental cars, private car services or transportation, or many other options, as well as two new options known as Mears Connect i The Sunshine Flyer.

Bus Mears Connect

We contacted our readers to find out what travel options do you plan to use for transportation to Orlando International Airport and the results may surprise you! With over 3,000 readers responding, Nearly 2,000 of our readers who responded said they will use shared travel services like Uber or Lyft! That’s a pretty big majority.

This is how our readers voted!

From readers who vote between Mears Connect and The Sunshine Flyer, Mears Connect had a slight advantage over The Sunshine Flyer with 52% of the vote, which could be because Mears was the company that actually operated the Magical Express for many years. The Sunshine Flyer, on the other hand, is a newer service that in the past has provided transportation for large events.

© The Sunshine Flyer

When we calculated the price of the differences between using a service like this Mears Connect versus Uber, we found that on specific dates and times we looked for Uber to be a slightly cheaper alternative to Mears Connect. However, it is important to note that car sharing the price may vary depending on the day and what you need.

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Remember that if you want to use Mears Connect or The Sunshine Flyer, you’ll need to book dates before your visit, so shared travel may be a better option for more last-minute trips to Disney World. Be sure to check out all the possible ways to get to Disney World as you weigh your options for your 2022 visit!

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What service will you use to get from the airport to Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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