8 price increases to plan for Disney World in 2022

It’s no secret that Disney World is expensive!

Magical Kingdom

Things cost more at theme parks than outside, and you’ll probably need to budget and save before your trip. In addition, Disney World receives price increases from time to time. And today, we share with you eight of them that you should plan for 2022!

Disney Genie +

Let’s start with the obvious: the free FastPass system is now gone, replaced by the paid Genie +. So if you’re hoping to use these new Lightning Lanes, you’ll need to budget $ 15 per ticket per day when you visit the parks. Plus, you’ll be saving extra money if you plan to buy access to individual attractions (“Luxury Attractions”) for $ 7 to $ 15 each.

Disney Genie + is now at Disney World!

Transportation to the airport

Another big issue we need to think about this year is airport transportation. With Magical Express disappearing, you’ll need to start booking extra holiday money to pay for transportation to your Disney World hotel. The most popular options are probably Mears Connect and Sunshine Flyer, so be sure to compare prices before your trip.

Bus Mears Connect

Annual subscriptions

In 2021, Disney World resold annual season tickets and not only did the categories and benefits change, but prices went up in several categories. The cheapest pass is now $ 399, while out-of-state guests have only one option: the Incredi-Pass for $ 1299. And these prices do not include taxes! You’ll also need to make an extra budget if you want the water park or Memory Maker add-ons for $ 100 each.

Annual 50th anniversary card holder


Disney World has had a wild trend in 2021 to launch ridiculously expensive merchandise. What do we mean? Well, we have three pairs of ears in the new Luxe Logo collection with a price of 250, 750 and 1000 (!!!) each. This same collection gave us an oversized tracksuit, an expensive backpack and more. If Disney World continues this trend of “luxury” merchandise (especially for its 50th anniversary), you may want to start saving now.

Wow! That’s all we can say.

Out-of-hours events

Instead of the typical Halloween and Christmas parties, Disney World hosted After Hours festive events in 2021. And those events were DEFINITELY more expensive than we were used to with the old holiday parties. In fairness, After Hours events tend to be more expensive due to the promise of low turnout. However, by 2022 we’re not sure if these after-hours deals will continue or if we’ll go back to the old fashioned way, so it’s best to budget a little more just to be safe.

Disney After Hours Boo Bash


Disney World recently announced that they will be revisiting selected tours in 2022 and reservations are currently available. However, it seems that some of them increased prices in the almost two years they disappeared. The Keys to the Kingdom Tour used to cost $ 99, but is now priced at $ 114 per person. The Caring for Giants tour jumped $ 5, and Savor the Savanna, Up Close With Rhinos, and Wild Africa Trek also had small hits.

© Disney


Last year, MagicBand’s free benefit was suspended for annual season ticket holders and resort guests. You will now have to pay for the bands you want, although you will be offered a discounted price if you fall into one of these categories. In addition to needing a budget for MagicBands, 2022 will also see the introduction of MagicBand +, which will have new technology and will probably cost more than we have now. Disney has not yet announced the prices, but we will be waiting.


General price increase

And finally, let’s talk about general price increases. These are regularly performed at Disney World in restaurants, snack tables, gift shops, and more. This year, several dining venues have had small price changes on their menus, and some popular merchandise items have become more expensive by a few dollars. This kind of thing happens often, so we recommend that you bring a few extra bucks in case your Mickey bar costs more than the last time.

Mickey Premium ice cream bar

So these are the price increases you should be wary of in 2022! We’ll keep you posted on all the news you need for your next trip, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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