REVIEW: A NEW Spicy Dole Whip Cocktail at Disney World? Yes please!

We don’t know about you, though we get really excited when new snacks arrive at Disney World. NEW FOOD TO EAT! What is not to love?

We are eating some new snacks at Typhoon Lagoon!

If these snacks are just drunk, well, bonus points! And let’s be honest, Disney World has some cool, unique alcoholic offerings for adults, such as a caramelized apple cider, pineapple wine and a fun martini flight! Today, we are trying a DOLE Whip drink with alcohol and, yes, we are EXCITED!

So the drink is the Habanero Lime Galley Shack Swirl, and there are already two words in this drink that we LOVE: habanero and lime! This is a new signature cocktail made with Dole Whip Mango and Lime, El Jimador Silver Tequila, Aroma Habanero-Lime, Sprite and Lime-Chili Rim. However, when we visited, they were not from Mango, so we opted for Pineapple as an alternative.

Habanero Lime Galley Shack Swirl

Okay, so when we took the first sip, we were pretty excited. Because that doesn’t seem to work, but it’s surprisingly delicious! However, we have a tip: wait until the DOLE Whip melts and then mix it all into the drink; the flavors mix better that way!

How is that so good?

The aroma of Habanero lime is also surprisingly spicy, but not too much, so we thought it provided the perfect amount of heat.

Lots of interesting flavors that work

We also LOVED the chili lime salt on the edge because it accentuates this spicy. So be sure to add a little of this salt in each sip. It wasn’t too spicy, but we felt hot enough.

Chili Lime Salt Rhyme

The strongest flavor here, however, is lime, and we think it would probably still be the case with mango, as it was originally intended to be. Overall, though, this drink has a great mix of sweetness and warmth. We’ll admit we couldn’t really taste Sprite or Tequila.

It doesn’t taste like a drink

But because this is so sour and spicy, it’s definitely not a drink for everyone; those with more demanding tastes may hate him. But what do we think? Well, we would TOTALLY get it back.

However, there is a trap, if you want to try this unique drink for yourself: it is available at Disney World. Typhoon Lagoon water park, which just reopened TODAY; you will find it at Snack Shack per $ 13. Also, be sure to try some of the other DOLE Whip deals here, such as the Hei Hei Cone and the Twist on the island of Montunui, as well as an option Create your own DOLE Whip!

We will be testing ALL new snacks from 2022 at Disney World, so be sure to check out more!

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What is your favorite DOLE Whip flavor, snack or drink? Let us know in the comments!

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