The great thing you forgot to do before your trip to Disney World

Trips to Disney World can take a lot of planning and preparation.

Welcome to Disney World!

You need to buy tickets and make park pass reservations, book a hotel, order transportation, schedule dining reservations, and more. And while you may think you’re completely ready for your trip, with everything in your suitcase and ready to go, there’s something else you should be sure to do before your trip!

It is important to practice use My experience at Disney BEFORE your trip! My Disney Experience is a mobile app that is one online planning tool for your Disney World vacation. You can use the app to do so many things, such as make meal reservations, check wait times, and access your PhotoPass photos.

The My Disney Experience © Disney app

Mobile order

You can also place Mobile orders through My Disney Experience. This feature can be a great time saving at Disney World, and it’s also the only way to order food at some of the parks ’fast food places! Mobile Order is exactly what it looks like: place a food order through your phone, pay, and then pick it up when it’s ready.

“We are preparing your order”

It can be found in several places in My Disney Experience. First, you can hit more sign in the center of the bar at the bottom of the screen. This will show several options, one of which is “Order food. ” From here, you can choose the restaurant you want to order from and one arrival window so you can pick up your order. Here you can see which restaurants offer Mobile Order and take a look at the menus to find out which places you can and from which you can’t order food!

© Disney

You can also go to 3 lines at the far right of the bar at the bottom of the screen; this will take you to a more functional screen. Under “Mobile food orders“You can view your current orders or select”Create a new order”To place a new one.

© Disney

And if you know the restaurant where you want to order, you can do the same just search for the restaurant in the app and then Mobile Order from there by selecting the “Order food”Button that appears on the restaurant page.

Screenshot of my Disney experience

We suggest creating a couple of practice orders so you can learn how it works before using it in parks. That way, you’ll know what you’re doing when it’s time to order food in an environment that’s probably a little more energetic.

Screenshot of Table Service To Go

Link MagicBands

Another important thing to do is link your MagicBands at My Disney Experience if you haven’t already, this way you won’t have to stress about doing it just before you try to explore the parks or look for a Lightning Lane! You can also configure MagicMobile to use it as a ticket instead of or in addition to the MagicBand. This is only used over the phone and works just like a MagicBand, allowing you to scan your parks and your hotel room, even if your phone is dead!

MagicMobile © Disney

The genius of Disney

Perhaps the most important thing you should do in the app before using your trip The genius of Disney! Genius is one free planning tool this is now part of My Disney Experience and can create a custom itinerary for your trip. Once you have your tickets, you can play with Genie before your trip and set up your plans. You can select yours top priority attractions, restaurants and entertainment for your trip, this way Genie can do everything possible to add them to your plans.

© Disney

You can too choose your interests, such as princesses, exciting attractions, character dinners and more; this will give Genie a better idea of ​​what interests you and allow you to make more informed suggestions. And, you can come in any height restrictions or disability informationThat way, Genie won’t give you suggestions on things you or someone in your group can’t do.

© Disney

Once you’ve filled in this information, Genie will create an itinerary for you and appear in the “My day”Tab. If there is a dinner reservation available for the table service restaurants where you have indicated that you would like to dine, you can make these reservations directly through Genie!

© Disney

You can then too Add another park to your day if you plan to go out to the park and even include the time to go to the park and how long you will be there.

© Disney

Advice board

This is a great way to get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day geniuses. See “Advice board”Also to see what suggestions Genie is already giving you and remove items that you know don’t interest you. It’s a good idea to include your interests and basic plan information before your trip, because you want Genie to be able to make suggestions as soon as you start your day at the park, not half an hour later!

© Disney

Geni +

You can also buy through Genie Geni +, which is the system that has replaced FastPass + at Disney World. Is $ 15 per day, per person and offers booking options for Lightning Lanes (formerly FastPass Lanes) from 46 park attractions. If you buy Genie + in advance, you have to buy it for every day of your trip. If you only want to use Genie + enabled some of the days of your trip, you have to do it wait and buy it real day you want to use it.

© Disney


And, be sure to check it out other features at My Disney Experience as the map, which can show you waiting times, where the restaurants are and much more. He home screen (which you can access by clicking on the box at the bottom left of the screen) is also a great place to find useful information such as park schedules, show schedules and guides on park news.

© Disney || It will even show you where the toilets are!

In general, it is important familiarize yourself with My Disney Experience before your trip to try to relieve some of the stress of your vacation. It can be very difficult to use the app surrounded by thousands of people in a high energy environment, so the more familiar you become, the less stressful it should be! Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney World news, tips and information.

Click here for more information on Disney Genie

Already used the free Genie planning tool? Let us know in the comments!

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