What’s new in Animal Kingdom: refilled collectibles, a recycled cupcake and more!

Hello friends! It’s a new year, we have new products, new food offerings and much more prepared for 2022. Come with us as we take a look and explore what’s new at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Hello and happy new year!

The days after Christmas at Disney World may seem a little unpredictable. Some days have been very busy, while others have surprised us! Our visit to Animal Kingdom proved that the level of people may not be what you would expect, so always be prepared. Now let’s take a look at what’s new!

Animal Kingdom Merchandise Updates

Snack carts

The bright popcorn buckets of Christmas tree and the 50th anniversary of Minnie Mouse Sippers is available again during our most recent visits to Animal Kingdom. The golden tree popcorn buckets are $ 25, while Minnie’s sippers are $ 15.99. For our collector friends, this is your chance to grab this bucket and drink!

Restock alert!

We found these reusable snacks at several popcorn stalls at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, so stay tuned or ask a cast member.

Check out more 50th anniversary popcorn buckets here!

Riverside depot

Riverside Depot has a few new Disney pins, including the limited edition Vault 50th Anniversary pin for $ 24.99 and some of the Magical Comics pins. We’ve seen most of these pines at other Disney parks, but we’re glad to see that they came to Animal Kingdom.

Look at all these new pines!

There are also some new baby / kids t-shirts $ 19.99 each. You can get this white and red t-shirt with Mickey …

Classic but BEAUTIFUL!

… or this version in gray and blue! We can’t decide which one is our favorite. What do you think?

What is your favorite?

Part of the holiday merchandise previously discovered at the Emporium in Magic Kingdom is now available at Riverside Depot. We found this shaker for salt and pepper $ 29.99.

Even your salt and pepper can take part in the holiday action!

This fun cookie jar is $ 54.99, but watch out because it could be on sale soon now that Christmas is over!

Cookies for Santa? no, these cookies are for us!

This covers all the new merchandise we found at Animal Kingdom. Let’s see what there is to EAT!

Animal Food Updates

Most of the new stuff in Animal Kingdom is related to food. We found snacks, sweets and drinks for days in the park! We’ll divide it by restaurant to make it easier to show you what’s new.

Warung advance

A few months ago we realized that Warung advance started selling popcorn, but now the menu has expanded to include it cupcakes, hot dogs and a breakfast sandwich!

New options … again!

Undoubtedly, this is an assortment of random food, especially for a location that used to sell mostly frozen daisies and other beverages. If you’re looking for a little 50th birthday gift for you, try the birthday muffin the next time you’re in Asia!

Barbecue Flame Tree / Restaurantosaurus

Then we visited the Flame Tree Barbecue, where we usually have a delicious barbecue or smoked meat, such as the plate of smoked meat bread. This time, though, we found a 2022 New Year’s cupcake, which ALSO looks like last year’s cupcake; let’s talk about déjà vu!

Does it sound familiar to you?

Both Flammetree Barbecue and Restaurantosaurus have the 2022 cupcake. If you are looking for a NEW 2022 cupcake, check out the one sold on the Boardwalk!

Click here to see Boardwalk Bakery’s 2022 New Year’s Cupcake

Various updates from the animal kingdom

During our trip to Animal Kingdom, the crowds were great in some areas, but not so bad in other places. The queue for Kilimanjaro safaris got pretty long in the mid-afternoon, but you can check the average wait times of most Disney Genie attractions!

The crowds were moderate

Please note that Everest Expedition is preparing to close and will not be available for three months!

Everest Expedition

With that, we’ve covered all the news in Animal Kingdom! Do you have a trip to Disney World soon? Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney World news and updates.

The best (and worst) things we ate at Disney World in December!

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