8 Disney World attractions for a 5 minute replay

Listen, Disney World can be a lot. Of course, it is infinitely magical and charming and pure joy, but sometimes you just need a little rest, you know?


And guess what? That’s all right! Not all attractions have to be an adrenaline rush. Sometimes what you really need is a trip that is just the opposite.

Fortunately for Disney World attendees, the parks are full of as many slow-paced walks as roller coasters, falling elevators and cars at speed.

Not all attractions are as intense as Tower of Terror

Perfect for when you need a little break without leaving the parks, We are talking about the types of attractions that are relaxing, slow and dark. In other words, they are frankly worth a nap!

Here they are 8 Disney World attractions ideal for a short five-minute replay.

Magical Kingdom

River boat in Plaça de la Llibertat

When it comes to slow travel (both inside and out), Magic Kingdom is practically the king and At the head of this group is Liberty Square Riverboat.

River boat in Plaça de la Llibertat

Maybe it’s because it moves as slow as molasses, or maybe it’s because it’s an attraction that is often overlooked and that some people may find boring. but this old-fashioned boat is a great choice for a scenic nap!

River boat in Plaça de la Llibertat

it’s huge so there are plenty of shaded nooks and crannies for you to welcome while falling asleep for relaxing moments of peace and quiet.

The enchanted mansion

It’s not that this iconic Magic Kingdom is boring or overrated in any way, but The Haunted Mansion easily satisfies our nap needs by the mere fact that it is so dark inside.

The enchanted mansion

The journey is long enough, slow enough and dark enough for it guarantees a bit of peace of mind, if you need it.

Also, for all the ghostly crossings of the trip, none of this is too strong to wake you from your sleep, although you will probably find it quite silly in the photo of the trip …

Under the sea – The journey of the Little Mermaid

Without offending Ariel, though your “trip” is a bit of a party.

Under the sea

Its eponymous attraction, Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid, is a favorite of Fantasyland kids, but considering we know the story as the back of our hands, facilitates the watch for a few.

King Triton put us to sleep

The format of the trip seems to have been specifically designed to optimize nap, with its dark indoor environment, relatively quiet, slow pace and a temperature that is close to the perfect sleeping temperature.


Earth spacecraft

Despite having the fastest trip to Disney World, EPCOT is another park best known for its slow-paced attractions through various dark environments that seem designed to put you to sleep. Specific case: the spacecraft Earth.

Earth spacecraft

The emblematic attraction of the park is pure nostalgia and an epic tour de force of human history narrated by Dame Judi Dench. There’s a lot to love here, but let’s face it: it’s also the perfect trip for a nap.

It is especially worth taking a nap at night

While maneuvering very slowly in time, in a mostly dark environment, with the soft narration of Dame Judi Dench hitting like a lullaby, it’s too perfect for a few Zzz’s.

Great Party Tour

Although a little more lively and lively than the Earth spacecraft, Great Party Tour it is another inner attraction that advances at the right pace to put us to sleep.

Great Party Tour

Of course, the Three Knights are a whistle, and the atmosphere can be colorful. but the whole walk has the feeling of being in a giant bed of water, and it’s tempting to faint for a couple of minutes.

The American adventure

If they don’t do it for five minutes, look no further than The American Adventure, which despite its action-packed name, it’s actually the perfect setting for a long nap.


Set in a large theater with comfortable seating, this is the ideal setting to sink into your stuffed chair. disappears for a few minutes of temperature-controlled happiness, while Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain chat in the background at a moderate volume.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Muppet * Vision 3D

Home to adrenaline-fueled attractions such as Tower of Terror, Slinky Dog Dash, Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster and Smugglers Run, all of which are great for a nap, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is a good choice for a good night’s sleep. Luckily, the Muppets are here to save the day!

That will work

One of the longest attractions in the park, Muppet * Vision 3D is basically the same as The American Adventure, but instead of American history and Ben Franklin, it is a theatrical attraction with buffoons by Muppet and Gonzo.

Muppet * Vision 3D

Don’t worry about 3D glasses. Just let them rest on your lap while you close your eyes to the sweet, soothing sounds of Miss Piggy being tricked into water skiing.

Animal kingdom

Journey to the Na’vi River

The Animal Kingdom is another park missing from the nap-worthy department (unless you find the idea of ​​the Yetis or the disturbingly realistic hanging spiders relaxing), but a walk that is always good for a break is also one of the most divisible attractions in the parks.

River travel tail

We’re talking, of course, Na’vi River Journey, the much slower attraction of Pandora, where ships take riders on a leisurely journey through the lands of fiction and ambient music. It’s like going for a walk on your sound machine.

Journey to the Na’vi River

So the next time you have to press the reset button in Disney World, look no further than these adrenaline-free rides for the perfect little nap!

Three ways to take a break in the middle of the day of your magical realm

What are your favorite Disney World attractions for a nap? Let us know in the comments!

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