Disney’s new patent could bring virtual reality to the real world

As they say in the Progress Carousel, “tomorrow there is great beauty”, I there are some amazing technological developments in the works thanks for some clever imaginaries! Remember that amazing lightsaber that Josh D’Amaro tested during a D23 event? Or what about this preview of the EXO Project that will completely change the way we interact with the characters?

Josh D’Amaro with a lightsaber at destination D23

For all the tech nerds, these are exciting times! Recently, we talked about the mechanics behind Disney’s REAL lightsaber, but today we’re back to talking Disney’s exciting new patent that has so many possibilities!

According to a recent patent filed by Disney Enterprises, Imaginaries are interested in creating a new virtual world experience. The patent states that Disney is working on an experiment where “One or more users can advantageously experience a virtual world that is simulated by adapting virtual effects to the three-dimensional (3D) geometry of a real-world location from each other’s point of view. user. ”

© Disney

There is a LOT to unpack with this patent. For starters, it seems guests will be immersed in some kind of virtual reality, where virtual effects, such as virtual images, “overlap an image of a real-world object.” Not only that, but the patent states that several guests can take part at the same time thanks to a proprietary automated system.

To break it down, that probably means that Disney will use some type of projection map system and / or virtual reality system to place an image on a real world object.. What could be a solid, blank cylindrical block in real life could look like a complex Star Wars device or it could even become a projection surface for a character. The system will also allow the virtual world to look realistic from different points of view. think of a more advanced and prominent version of the night screenings at Cinderella Castle.

© Disney

We also discovered an interesting detail mentioned briefly in the patent that could give us a clue as to what this patent will be for! In a section of the claim, the language describes a portable device that guests can use during the virtual experience. Below, the patent defines the portable device as projection device!

© Disney

Disney Patent Claim 10 states that the projection device “will simulate a virtual world by adapting the identified virtual effects to the geometry of the real-world site from a current point of view from the tracked motion perspective.” Then, in claim 11, the language becomes more specific, suggesting that the projection device May be a 3D map that follows your movement! This will allow the system to make sure it fits your vision and keep things realistic for you.

© Disney

This patent is FULL of details; Anyone else already speculating on what this technology can be used for? Could it be related to Marvel? On the other hand, this portable projection device certainly looks something out of the ordinary Star Wars universe. There are endless possibilities! If you ask us, this will surely remind us our theory that the Play Pavilion coming to EPCOT could have a virtual reality focus!

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What do you think this patent could be used for? Let us know in the comments!

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