Land near Disney World could become an industrial park site

Once you walk past these Disney World gates, you can feel like you’ve entered another dimension where the stress of the “normal” world just doesn’t exist.

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But on the way to Disney World, or if you leave the property during your trip, you’ll probably come across some of the shops, restaurants, or other things surrounding Disney World. We’ve monitored your progress in the area nearby, as it may affect your journey or the things you see as you drive to or from the most magical place on Earth. From new hotels to new restaurants, we are constantly looking for updates and today we found an update on a lot of terrain near Disney World that could turn out to be something different than originally planned.

According to tweet from the Orlando Sentinel, there is a plot of land near Disney World that amounts to approx 130 hectares. Previously this land was approved for use and transformed into a luxury resort. It seems like a lot of guests would expect for a plot of land near Disney World, as many guests are looking to stay in nice hotels near the resort.

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Now, however, things seem to have changed. The Orlando Sentinel shares that the owners of those lands near Disney World now want to redistribute this vacant land and market it as a potential industrial park. This is not as luxurious as some might have expected or wished it to be placed near Disney.


In his tweet, the Orlando Sentinel linked to an article on the subject of Growth Spotter. He Growth Spotter tweet with a link to his article points out that the 130-acre site is “next to the largest new-spec industrial park in Osceola County,” but it’s also in the middle of an established residential area.

According to the Growth Spotter article, the land had previously been “under contract for a luxury, mixed-use resort called Park Place Resorts.” It was intended to be an eco-friendly complex that “catered to ‘very high-end customers'”. The original plans included 130 holiday homes, an event center, a hotel and even a helipad. These plans were approved in early 2020 and the developer was already scheduled to close in the summer. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, threw a spike in those plans.

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Now, it appears that the plot is being offered for “industrial and distribution uses prohibited by tourist commercial zoning”.

It will be interesting to see what exactly this area will be like and whether it will eventually be used for more industrial purposes. While these upcoming projects may not directly affect your plans to set up Space Mountain, they could affect your possible plans outside of the most magical place on Earth (especially if the idea of ​​a new luxury resort near Disney World it was one you liked).

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