PHOTOS: The Everest Expedition is now temporarily closed at Disney World

Before you go to Disney World, you’re sure to want to check out the online calendar.

Animal kingdom

The online calendar not only shows the park’s schedule, but also shows some schedules and lists the current renovations and closures for attractions, rides, and other offerings. And if you had checked the calendar today, you would have noticed that a new trip has been added to this list!

We reported some time ago that the Everest Expedition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom would close for a three-month reform. This closing started today, and we went to see how it is there!

What’s going on here?

For starters, the entrance area was closed to guests. In addition, there were construction walls blocking the tail.

Everything is closed and walled up.

Other parts of the attraction were also blocked from view, although it is quite difficult to hide the entire nearly 200-foot mountain from the guests.

There were building walls everywhere.

The gift shop, however, remained open. Inside, we found the same yeti-themed merchandise as before!

You can still enter the gift shop!

So don’t worry, Disney won’t stop you from buying all those Everest Expedition souvenirs while the trip is closed.

Still the same merchandise.

When we walked backwards, the screens where you normally find your PhotoPass photos were off.

PhotoPass screens are still here but off.

And the unloading area was cut off with what appears to be a garage door. Without looking at this construction!

The exit area is completely closed.

We’ll be watching Everest for the next few months to see what’s going on, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest updates and news!

Click here for the full list of things closed at Disney World right now!

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