What’s new in Magic Kingdom: PRICE dishes, a cozy princess and a Disney SECRET detail

Hello from the most magical place on earth: Disney World! Today we are in the Magic Kingdom to take a look what’s new! Recently, the Magic Kingdom was FULL of guests celebrating the start of the new year! Crowds seemed to vary in size over the holiday weekend after Christmas, so be sure to check out these average waiting times with the new Disney Genie app!

Happy New Year!!

So far, the new year looks great! The sun has risen, the weather is cool and it is a beautiful day in the Magic Kingdom. Come with us and let’s take a look at what’s new!

Magic Kingdom Entertainment updates

Meet and greet the princess

It was a cold day at Magic Kingdom, so Belle stood and greeted outside her hut with her royal blue cloak!

Have you read anything good lately?

We also visited some friends at Princess Fairytale Hall. We didn’t expect to meet Cinderella (The sign said he didn’t visit the Magic Kingdom today), but we did happily surprised to see her pretty smiling face.

Don’t worry, it’s not midnight yet!

It’s always fun to visit princesses, and you never know who you might see!

Today we have to meet a weird princess at Disney World!

Magic Kingdom merchandise updates


Who says trains are only for Christmas ?! We found a NEW one 50th anniversary metal train set, operated by Bluetooth, at the Main Street Emporium, USA by $ 499. It’s expensive, but imagine how valuable it can be 50 years from now! ”

Now all we need is the REAL train to start running!

Can a person have too many classic Disney World t-shirts? We don’t believe it! You can buy this target Mickey Mouse T-shirt per $ 29.99.

You can’t go wrong with the classics!

There weren’t many new items for kids, but we saw them brilliant boy’s leggings per $ 29.99.

Let’s talk about COLORFUL!

If you feel very grateful to return to the parks, you may need to colored baseball jersey per $ 36.99.

Welcome back, magic!

On the other hand, if you feel more magical, you may want to this t-shirt instead for $ 39.99.

How do you feel?

As you can see, Disney has a t-shirt for every thrill! This “Be Happy T-Shirt ”. is $ 29.99 (This one looks a little wrinkled, though!).


That $ 24.99 Mickey and Minnie shirt is it ADORABLE, but don’t you think it’s too early for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day? Now?

In the souvenirs section, we found this great package of Star Wars magnets it would be a great gift! (Or you can save them yourself.) The package is back $ 14.99.

These would look great in our fridge!

After a long period of unavailability, these Jack Skellington keychains they are back in stock!

Restock alert!

Speaking of stocks, we found BOTH OF US purple and pink 50th Anniversary Starbucks! These come in and run out all the time, so keep checking if you’re interested!

These bad guys and BACK!

The Mary Blair collection Alice in Wonderland the merchandise keeps growing! We found a new one two-tiered serving dish per $ 54.99.

Perfect for a tea party!

If you’re not really a person of Minnie’s ear, you can enjoy this shiny gold 50th Anniversary Tie However! Is $ 16.99, which is much cheaper than some of these gold Minnie ears …

It also lights up!

Need a new basic baseball cap to add to your collection? That Mickey Mouse black hat is $ 29.99.

We could wear it every day!

Disney’s home decor section increased their game! Check out this cute one decoration, with a price of $ 24.99.

There is no place like home

We also found game support $ 21.99.

This is so cute!

You. We’ve been looking for this lilac 50th birthday spiritual t-shirt for a long time, and it was back in stock! This is quite expensive $ 84.99, but that doesn’t stop it from running out all the time!

This is HARD to find!

Then let’s go to Uptown Jewelers!

Uptown Jewelers

At Uptown Jewelers, we found some items from the following themed clothing store Disney World Railroad! This gold bag is $ 44.99.

This is super cute!

There is a coincidence Disneyland Railroad suit per $ 128.

We missed the train!

Do you want to? How about a new one Bulova 50th anniversary watch per $ 1200?

This is expensive, but it looks really nice!

Let’s go to the Main Street Cinema!

Cinema on the main street

We’ve detected this Board game 50th Anniversary Vault Collection at Disney Springs, but now also available in the parks! You can buy this retro looking game for $ 39.99.

Who wants to come to our next game night?

Next stop, Crystal Arts!

Crystal Arts

At the Crystal Arts store, we found some CARs 50th anniversary plaques. From left to right, prices are $ 399, $ 950, $ 3500 (!!!), i $ 399.

We wouldn’t eat these …

Ugh! Main Street had lots of new items! Now let’s go to Fantasyland.

Good morning! Gifts from the people

We have another reset alert! That Cinderella Castle 50th anniversary Jim Shore is back, but we don’t know how long he’ll stay! It has a price of $ 175.

Jim Shore is a master!

Now let’s go to the MADE store for princess lovers!

Sir Mickey’s

Disney designers seem to have a lot of fun with children’s merchandise! That multicolored leather jacket is $ 49.99, and definitely makes a statement!

We think Sulley would approve!

This beautiful little one infantile Charming shirt she is as cheerful as Mirabel!

Have you seen this movie yet?

Who wants to go to Frontierland and take a look at a MagicBand?

Border trade

Even though you no longer need a MagicBand to enter the parks, many people still love to take them and pick them up! This new one MagicBand will pass is $ 29.99.

This is also available at Tomorrowland Light & Power!

Speaking of Tomorrowland Light & Power, let’s visit the future!

Star traders

We found some Mickey-themed denim at Star Traders!

Would you go for a totally denim dress?

This small collection includes a pair of denim joggers ia denim jacket.

Click here to see ALL the 50th anniversary merchandise you can buy online!

Magic Kingdom snacks and sweets

Joffrey’s booth at Tomorrowland has new 50th anniversary drinks! Don’t they look pretty?

Our coffee has never looked better!

At Storybook Circus, some of the great delights are back! He Jumbo Mickey Pineapple Sugar Cookie i Churro cookies they are $ 5.49 each.

Some delicacies are back!

These fun cupcakes are back after a break too!

Aren’t they photogenic?

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, let’s talk about some fun little things you might not know about!

Click here to see the top 15 snacks for less than $ 10!

Fun facts and tips

A FUN memory

For our photography-loving friends, we have some good advice for you! We found this Cover of the 50th anniversary Photopass photo at Photos Splash Down, and we think it would be a great little memory! The next time you are in a gift shop that offers PhotoPass services, ask a cast member if they have a photo cover.

You can frame that too!

You don’t even have to put a picture inside, this could be framed on its own!

Fun fact

Have you ever taken a closer look at Statue of the members in the main street? Did you know that Walt’s tie has one? small personal detail? Look at this icon in the tie; he says STR, which means Smoke Tree Ranch. That was it Disney’s favorite vacation destination (located near Palm Springs), and even had a house there!

Have you ever noticed that?

And that’s all there is to Magic Kingdom for now! Keep reading DFB for more updates from Magic Kingdom and Disney World.

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