2022 prediction: same base color, new pattern

If your mind tells you that it is not right to just continue knitting, then you have decided to find new patterns and challenge yourself by designing the changes you want to see in your knitting.

Welcome to HR professionals who want to create HR in 2022. This will undoubtedly be a year of new challenges and opportunities and yes, uncertainty (and much of it) can be frightening and frightening at times. Our best advice? Find an optimistic and encouraging mindset.

Here we are focusing on our positive energy to help us discover new innovative HR opportunities. We hope that these predictions will help you to push past what is holding you back, to embrace opportunities and to build on what is working in your organization.

1. Your business is an HR business

Each company will probably be talent-limited, so our jobs will have a direct impact on business results. Only 15% of companies attract and retain candidates, there is room for improvement and we should continue to subscribe to the idea of ​​being on the HR spotlight.

2. Healthy organization

Big attraction – otherwise known as “attraction” And Engaging “Attracting and engaging your employees to ensure your organization is healthy has never been more challenging, more complex or more exciting. Taking on this challenge as an HR leader, and understanding and recognizing this opportunity, is a milestone for the coming year. Will continue to be a priority.

3. Distribution – to pave the way for the first age

At Spotify, we’ve spent over a year in our hybrid model of ‘working from anywhere’, and through a few changes after interacting with our people, so far we’ve seen the proposed trend of more diverse hiring, and we’ll continue to create it and all opportunities It comes with it.

4. Take advantage of your board of directors (BOD)

Winning the battle of talents is one of the most important long-term success factors for any company, which means hiring (and firing), retaining and employing your non-executive directors (NEDs) much more than in previous years. We are sure that this year we will see a trend across all industries to lean towards NED’s business review, legacy planning, strategy sessions and all things.

5. First dance to a disco

Nothing puts a bigger smile on your face than taking your whole body to a four-on-the-floor beat, syncopated baseline or electric rhythm. And just like the disco trend, data and datasets have been collecting center spotlights on the dance floor in recent years. At Spotify, our People Analytics professionals have come up with the idea of ​​our data delivery as our own DISCO – where our people come to dance the data. With the role of People Analytics professionals and the right HR tech, the high demand for their skills will continue as landscape continues to change, grow and develop.

6. Improving diversity, equity and inclusion

How are your diversity, inclusion and balancing (DIB) strategies and practices being observed? Check your DIB scaffolding and continue construction.

7. Upskill and crossscill

L&D firms must enable their own team learning activities – for everyone. Teaching people how to lead, working in remote teams, collaborating, communicating, telling stories and thinking strategically are all essential to success. And, of course, how we deliver secure, digital, onboarding programs that are just as caring, supportive, positional and social as ever, face-to-face induction programs.

8. The power of stability and influence within the constitution of the people

We will continue to look for opportunities to bring siblings together: diversity, inclusion and relationships, sustainability and social impact. This winning combination will help us further advance our equity and impact commitment and alignment, and we anticipate ample opportunities for growth in all of these areas.

9. Employee experience

Recent years have pushed the transformation of Spotify’s social team, People Experience (PX) and now Community Experience (CX), to social glue – which is the secret sauce. It is a part of ‘purpose’, a part of ‘listening’ and a part of ‘care’. We will continue to create that sauce, and we think it gives employees the opportunity to innovate based on experience.

10. HR Acumen and Business Acumen

The speed of repetition is as important as the quality of repetition. So if you’re not fully aligned with the business, you’ll find yourself on a wicked quick slippery slope in a guessing game, playing catch-up and creating tired blue copy imitations and call outs. Look at your business and use your business skills to find the most relevant opportunities for your organization.

11. Let your talents resonate

The customer and employee economy is the same and acquiring new people is an expensive task. It is more expensive and harder to rent externally, and there is also time, focus and production leakage. Echo, our internal talent market (launched in 2021), let the whole Spotify band transform into an internal headhunter. The internal talent market, and its countless benefits, will show a centerpiece on Spotify in 2022.

Those of us who are willing to step out of our comfort zone and (together, with our teams) be flat, should use our new year to determine where to go and start again. The challenge is to welcome the changes and realize that 2022 will be a year of resetting and a fresh start is your best place right now. So I urge you all – let go of what has not worked before, let go of the fears that have held you back, or let go of the fears that you no longer deserve to be governed, and instead focus on making room in 2022 to become more emotional. . , Hired and inspired team. #innovateHR.

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