8 additional costs to plan for Disney World in 2022

Are you planning a trip to Disney World in 2022?

Cinderella Castle

This is so exciting! Of course, Disney World is CAR, so you may have a budget in mind. There are some aspects of Disney World that will be MORE expensive next year. Here they are eight additional costs to plan for Disney World in 2022!

Perhaps the most famous cost you have to anticipate is the cost of Disney Genie +! The new wireless service will get you up and running $ 15 per person per day. With that $ 15, you can use Lightning Lane at various attractions at every Disney World park.

Lightning lane

It also offers Disney Genie service Selections of individual attractions. Most of the time, each park has two IAS attractions. There is a date-based rate use Lightning Lane for these attractions and are individually priced.

Hello, Genius!

Keep in mind that using Genie + is a completely optional cost, but if your family intends to use the new service during your trip, this is definitely something to keep in mind in your budget. After all, $ 15 per person per day can really add up!

Click here for more information on Disney Genie +!

2. Transportation to the airport

In the past, you may have had the advantage of FREE transportation between your Walt Disney World hotel and the airport. The guests of the resort have benefited from the Magic express for years, offering a free lift to and from Orlando International Airport.

We will miss you, Magical Express

This service, however, was discontinued in 2022. This means that you will have to find your own way to and from the airport, and it can cost you money.

Mears Connect

Some of your options include shared travel (approximately $ 35 to $ 120), car rental (depending on the length of the trip, but probably several hundred dollars), taxi (approximately $ 70), Mears Connect (approximately $ 16 per trip, per adult), The Sunshine Flyer (approximately $ 17 per trip, per adult) and more.

© The Sunshine Flyer

Whichever mode of transportation you choose, you have a significant added cost to your trip. And, if you are going to fly to Disney World, this cost is not optional.

Want to know more about airport transportation options? Click here!

3. MagicBands

Free MagicBands used to be the norm for guests of the resort at Disney World, but this is no longer the case. Now, if you want one MagicBand, you will have to pay for it. Resort guests still have discounted options, but that cost may still be there $ 5 to $ 30 or more.

Holiday MagicBand

Beyond that, Disney presents MagicBand + in 2022. The new MagicBand + models will have the same features as the current MagicBands as well as interactive features such as color-changing lights, haptic vibration, and gesture recognition.

The new MagicBand + will arrive in 2022

With more features, these MagicBands may also have a higher cost. Disney hasn’t announced the price of these yet, but if you think your family will want these bans, you’ll want to consider them in your budget.

For more information on MagicBand +, click here!

4. Special events

In the past, special events were often a surcharge for Disney travel, but you may have to budget a little more money if you want to attend a special event in 2022.

Don’t forget Boo Bash!

In 2021, we saw the prices of the new After Hours holiday events, Disney After Hours Boo Bash which he replaced Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party i Disney very cheerful after hours which he replaced Mickey’s very merry Christmas party, were more expensive for fewer hours than the holidays.

Very cheerful after hours

Tickets for the holiday event went from $ 169 to $ 249 per person for three hours of event. Disney has not made it clear whether the 2022 holiday celebrations will include parties or After Hours events. Regardless, you may have to budget a little more if you want to attend one of these events.

Click here for more information on the difference between After Hours events and holiday parties!

5. Food

Of course, food costs will be part of your budget, but you may need to budget a few different costs in 2022. On the one hand, Disney World has regular price increases, so food costs can generally rise normally next year.

Children’s food Backlot Express

Beyond that, there has been a series food shortages nationwide. If this trend continues, this could cause the menu items to change and the items to become a little more expensive. Having a little extra filling in your food budget could help if these small increases start to add up.

Disney dining plan t-shirt

And, in 2022 it may mark the return of the Disney dining plan! Disney has not announced when the option will return, however we know it will be. So if the Dining Plan could be part of your plans if you come back, consider these costs (especially considering Disney could change the structure of the plans!).

Want to learn more about Disney’s dining plan? Click here!

6. Annual subscriptions

If you want to buy an annual subscription or renew it in the new annual subscription program in 2022, you will have to expect a higher cost than in previous years. Disney changed the annual season ticket program in 2021 to increase Disney World’s annual season ticket renewal and purchase rates.

Annual subscription

Purchase rates for the NEW season tickets are as follows:

  • Disney Incredi-Pass: $ 1,299 (plus taxes)
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass: $ 899 (plus taxes)
  • Disney Pirate Pass: $ 699 (plus taxes)
  • Disney Pixie Dust Pass: $ 399 (plus taxes)

Renewal fees for the NEW season tickets are as follows:

  • Disney Incredi-Pass: $ 1,104 (plus taxes)
  • Disney Sorcerer Pass: $ 764 (plus taxes)
  • Disney Pirate Pass: $ 594 (plus taxes)
  • Disney Pixie Dust Pass: $ 339 (plus taxes)

Gingerbread smoothie in the annual Cup exclusively for the holder

If you were hoping to purchase a new annual subscription or renew an existing annual subscription, you’ll need to make a budget for these expensive purchases. Please note that sales have been paused at this time.

For more information on annual subscriptions, click here!

7. Goods

A Disney travel budget has always required thinking about memories, but you may find some extra costs in 2022. On the one hand, like food, price increases are pretty standard, so we can see that some beloved commodity options are getting more expensive.

Vault Collection

Beyond that, the 50th anniversary merchandise which is currently available at Disney World is quite expensive, even compared to standard souvenirs. If you plan to commemorate the occasion with a purchase of merchandise, you may want a little more space in your budget.

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8. Tours

And finally, if you’re planning a backstage tour in 2022, budget a little more! On the one hand, many of these visits have not even been an option since the park closed in 2020, so this is the first year they have the potential to get back to your plans in no time.

Check-In behind the seeds

Beyond that, most excursions have seen a small price increase! Be sure to research these prices in advance before booking so you can count on the added costs.

Want to know more about the return of excursions? Click here!

So when planning your 2022 trip, be sure to consider these added costs! And, as always, stay tuned to DFB for the latest Disney World tips and tricks!

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