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Twenty years ago, moviegoers around the world saw “Boy Who Lived” on-screen for the first time. Harry Potter and the Magic Stone (Also known as this Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone(Depending on where you live) Smash hit a box office, grossing over $ 90 million in its opening weekend. Since then, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and the entire magical world have influenced a generation of aspiring magicians and witches.

To celebrate the favorite series and fans who have kept the Boy Wizard story alive, Spotify peeked into Dumbledore’s thoughts to collect streaming data on everything from Harry Potter. Characters that have inspired the most playlists, and fan-made podcasts that have attracted Potterheads since 2005.

You have to sing in the common room

Did Spotify’s streaming data get you sorted right? We looked at thousands of listener-produced playlists on our platform and found a few artists who stood in each Hogwarts home.

Ten points for Gryffinders who have chosen high-tempo rock songs for their home playlists. This lion-heart was a favorite among the audience. “Everyone discussesBy Neon trees, “CenturyBy Fruit Out Boy, And “KiwiBy Harry Styles.

Slytherin’s favorite songs were a bit of an internal joke among Draco Malfoy fans, with “Dad problemBy Neighbor Taking the top spot. There was another no-brainer. “You should see me in the crownBy Billy Ilish, And the top three were rounded “Why do you just call me when you’re high?By Arctic monkeys.

Hufflepuff took the assignment literally, many of them took a hint from the color of their house and “pickedGoldenBy Harry Styles And “YellowBy Deception. The tune was consistent with the loyal and patient badgersOpheliaBy Astrologers.

For the fast-paced Ravenclaws, the best choices feature a combination of up-tempo beat and moody lyrics: “Sweater weatherBy Neighbor, “Are you still bored? (Achievement. Claire) By Wallace, And “The eyes of the seaBy Billy Ilish.

As you can see, the data also shows that there were similarities between the artists in the playlist. Billy Ilish And rock bands Neighbor Popular with both Slytherins and Ravenclaws and Harry Styles Gryffindor and Hufflepuff favorite. Only a select market can tell which house truly claims these artists!

After counting the results of the most listener-produced playlists dedicated to a Hogwarts House worldwide, the Spotify House Cup went to Slytherin! This team of cunning and ambitious magicians has created almost three times more playlists than Hufflepuff. Ravenclaw and Gryffindor came in third and fourth, respectively.

Not me, not Hermione. . . Draco

But playlists aren’t just house-themed. Spotify listeners have also created playlists filled with music inspired by some of the most favorite-and-hated-characters in the series. Draco Malfoy has inspired playlists of the most user-generated characters, redeeming the anti-Slytherin. Dear Fred Weasley came in second, and perhaps most surprisingly, “You know who” (or if you don’t know – Voldemort) came in third.

Overall, the most featured song in the audience-produced Hogwarts playlist is “EscapeBy Aurora. There was an apt name for coming second. “Welcome home, sonBy Radical face, And finally, “Arch – ClassBy Duncan Lawrence Came in third place.

Headwig’s theme“From Stone Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from Harry Potter and the Source By John Williams It was the most streamed song from the soundtrack of the entire Harry Potter movie.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Playlist

Since the podcasting began, Potterheads has been using audio to continue sharing Harry’s stories, resulting in over 1,700 Harry Potter Phantom podcasts available on Spotify worldwide. Although we are sure Lee Jordan Potterwatch, During the Second Witch War, a pirate radio program, Cut, continues to win over the Wizards and Wizards in today’s Top Five Harry Potter Phantom Podcast Spotify.

Including them Potterless, No stars Mike Schubert, An adult reading the series for the first time, and Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, A sure-favorite in Ravenclaws, where the host Vanessa Joltan And Matt Potts Read the books closely that have inspired it all.

The remaining three top podcasts are dedicated to discussing book theory and news in Potters: Swiss and Flick: A Harry Potter podcast, Mugglecast: Harry Potter podcast, And Pottercast: Harry Potter Podcast On Spotify.

Want to remember? No need to search Platform 9¾. Visit Spotify to listen to the best Harry Potter podcasts and playlists, or start creating your own!

* Streaming data until November 2021

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