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By David Rather

Let’s be honest. How many times has this happened to you while browsing movies to watch:

Hmmm. It has Robert Duval in it, so it’s probably good

You think that because it is almost always true. Robert Duval One of those actors who is always good, often great, seems to be in the movies. He’s one of the best American actors of the last 75 years – calm, steadfast, serious, angry when needed. His presence in a film is always reassuring, as if to say, “You are in the hands of professionals here. They know what they are doing. After all, they hired Robert Duval. “

Duval is not one of those explosive actors Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Or Robert Dinero. His acting does not have the unique style that inspires comedians Bill Hader, A fatally accurate fake. Can ridiculously mimic family names like Hader Pacino or Nicholson (who are obvious targets) but can also nail someone Fred Armison Or even a journalist Keith Morrison. But no, never. Not even an effort.

It goes without saying that there was no distinct moment in a picture of Duval. Who can forget his crazy captain during the helicopter attack scene Now the revelation (1979) When he utters the immortal line, “I like the smell of napalm in the morning.” Or in the character of his brutal military father The Great Santini (1979) sneers at his sensitive son: “You’re my favorite girl, Ben! You’re my sweetest girl. “

What makes these moments of his so unforgettable and unforgettable is that they are so real. It is acting deprived of artificiality and exaggeration. These are nude, ornate, and bold portraits of often unsympathetic characters. We don’t feel any distance from his character in the audience because they are authentic. Tom Hagen, Duvall’s attorney for the Corleone family, is calm, ruthless and underestimated. “That’s what I want, Attorney,” we thought as we watched him. I don’t need Tom Cruise Inside Some good people (1992), I need Robert Duval Godfather (1974).

Robert Selden Duval was born on January 5, 1931 in San Diego, CA. His father was a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy, and Duval says he grew up as a Navy Brat. For his mother’s side in the family, he is a direct descendant of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Growing up as an indifferent student, Duval’s father hoped he would join the Naval Academy. He moved to a different direction and attended Principia College in Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a degree in drama. “I was terrible at everything except acting – I could hardly go to school,” he once said.

After a short stint in college and in the U.S. Army, Duval moved to New York City and devoted himself to acting. He attended the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater in New York and studied acting under the legendary teacher Sanford Meissner. He had two years among Duval’s classmates Dustin Hoffman, Jean Hackman, And James Can.

In those days, he worked as a post clerk, a truck driver, and Massey’s sales clerk, and for some time was a roommate with Hoffman and Hackman. Three roommates were nominated for 16 Academy Awards and five of them received Oscars.

As Bruce Springsteen once sang, “From small things, mother, big things will come one day.”

During the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, Duval regularly worked in New York as an actor in both theater and television. He made his screen debut in 1962 as Bu Raddle To kill a mockingbird. Then for the rest of the decade he appeared in the role of supporting larger imports.

Duval’s first real lead was a largely forgotten but incredibly moving film, Tomorrow (1972). I saw it in an arthouse in Minneapolis in the 1980’s and I never forgot it. Duval plays a lonely and isolated Mississippi farmer who takes a pregnant drifter and raises his son after he dies in childbirth. I had a sobing mess at the end of this movie. Horton Foot wrote the screenplay from a story by William Faulkner. This is a masterpiece; You can find a serviceable print of this on YouTube. If you’re wondering, Horton Foot is the third cousin of Shelby Foot, a prominent Civil War historian who appeared in Ken Bern’s 1990 documentary series, Civil war. This kind of information comes in handy when you’re at the saloon, and the guy next to you says: “Hey, what’s Horton’s foot and Shelby’s foot related?” You are welcome

In 1972, Duval got his first major role as Tom Hagen Godfather (1972) and Godfather 2 (1974). People Weekly Magazine named him “Hollywood’s No. 1 No. 2 Lead.” He received his first Academy Award nomination for his role in The Godfather and later received another award for his courageous performance. Now the revelation (1979). He was nominated for Best Actor for his role The Great Santini (1979). At this time Dr. Francis Ford Coppola Duval has been called “one of the top five actors in the world.” In 1983, Duval finally won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance as a washed-up country singer, Mac Sage. Gentle compassion (1983).

It was in the 1980’s when he made an almost completely forgotten movie that I really admire: Angelo My Love (1983), a semi-documentary / fictional film he wrote and directed about the lives of Romani (Gypsies) living in New York City. This incredibly captivating and charming film centers on an 8-year-old gypsy boy named Angelo Evans, with whom Duval had a chance on the streets of New York. Duval saw him as the most lively and self-sufficient young child he had ever met. Unfortunately, I can’t find this movie anywhere on YouTube except for a very poor quality version.

Since the 1990s, Duval has returned to supporting roles or lead roles in lesser-known films. He always manages to improve them in one way or another. Includes such headings here The paper (1994), Sent (1997), Gingerbread Man (1998), Gone in 60 seconds (2000), and Jack Richer (2012). He was nominated for another Oscar for Best Actor for The Apostle and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his work. A civil action (1999) and Judge (2014).

Duval has been married four times, most recently in 2005 to Argentine actress and director Luciana Pedraza. She had no children, commented in 2007, “I think I’m shooting blank.” Duval is active in charity work in Argentina and still practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with his wife.

Here are six Robert Duval films that I suggest you add to your list. And of course, since they include Robert Duval, you know they’re probably good. You’re in good hands with any of them.

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