Florida no longer recommends asymptomatic COVID-19 testing

We have seen many changes in health and safety measures in recent years.

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With the number of COVID-19s on the rise, many guidelines have changed recently. The United States continues to reach a record number of cases, which means that health care providers are overflowing. With that in mind, Florida has released new testing guidelines today.

According to WESH 2, Governor Ron DeSantis and Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo announced the new guidelines, based on “high-value evidence.” According to Ladapo, “high-value tests are when people with symptoms are tested to access a treatment that would change their results if they are positive.”

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According to the new guidelines, people with symptoms of COVID-19 who are at high risk should:

  • Take a COVID-19 test shortly after the onset of symptoms.
  • You should first look for “monoclonal antibody or treatment with antiviral drugs” as well as any other necessary medical treatment.

If you have no symptoms but are at high risk, you should:

  • Consider testing for COVID-19 shortly after the onset of symptoms.
  • Seek medical treatment only when necessary.

And for those who have no symptoms of COVID-19 (even if you are exposed):

  • COVID-19 testing is unlikely to have any clinical benefit.
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Both Governor Ron DeSantis and General Surgeon Dr. Joseph Ladapo points out that these statements are simply guidelines for the public and that people are free to make their own decisions about the evidence.

We’ll keep you posted on more health and safety changes, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest news!

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