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As an equal ambassador for Spotify Month, the Italian singer-songwriter Analisa Ready to support, inspire and empower female artists, including in Italy and around the world In fact, the popular actor has recently joined A. Panel at Milan Music Week 2021 Where he discusses the importance of closing the gender gap in the Italian music scene.

Panel 6 that includes music industry leaders such as Federica Tremolada, Managing director of Southern and Eastern Europe at Spotify – addressed in a recent report presented by Spotify Italy that assesses the country’s gender inequality. Spotify’s study found that women represent only 14% of the total artists on Italy’s official music charts, with one female artist for every four male artists. “There’s still a lot to do in the music industry,” says Analisa. “The work of a female artist is hard and laborious. But the more we talk about these things, the more we make progress for the future. ”

Enzo Majza, Federica Tremolada, Analisa, Dario Giovanini and Francesca Delogue at Milan Music Week

Analyst’s work and leadership have helped her gain a place on Spotify EQUAL Global Music Program, An ongoing effort to combat gender inequality in the global music industry. The Equal campaign Creating a global, integrated, branded experience expands resources for female artists and creates more opportunities.

A promising insight from the research is that the gender gap between artists under the age of 30 for streaming has begun to narrow in the last four years. This change is helping Analisa to fuel. “The new generation shows that gender differences in the music industry are diminishing, but there is still a long way to go,” the pop star shared. “My goal is, above all, towards that generation.”

Analisa at Milan Music Week

“I want to remind all equal artists that they are part of a story, and that what they are doing today will be essential and relevant to everyone who follows in their footsteps,” he added.

For the record Invite the decorated actor to fill in the gaps that inspired him and his hopes for the future of the music industry.

The artists who have inspired me the most are ____.

Definitely Doa lipa, Rihanna, And Halsey, But like many great women in the world of international music Björk And Johnny Mitchell.

One suggestion I would give to other female artists is ____.

I think the most important thing in the music industry is how you nurture your talent. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

One of the highlights of my career so far has been ____.

The moment I wrote one of my most important songs “The world in front of you“- I suddenly realized that this could be a big step in my career.

My creative process consists of ____.

I try to share things that I can only explain through songs. Sometimes words are not enough, and music is an element that makes a story complete.

In the music industry I want to see greater gender equality is ____.

To see the end of judgment on a person’s physical appearance.

An upcoming female artist I am excited to see ____

I’m excited about the rise Olivia Rodrigo. I like her very much, and I look forward to seeing what she can do in the future.

My girl-power anthem at the moment is ____.

Run the girls of the world)By Beyonc.

Stream a global playlist equal to Spotify below to broaden Analisa and female musicians worldwide:

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