A bucket of Figment popcorn arrives at EPCOT

We don’t like to pick favorites here, though Fiction is always at the top of our list.

EPCOT fictional statue

This little purple dragon is always there to remind us to use our imagination! The original character of Journey to the imagination en EPCOT is a fan favorite, and we love to see him get the recognition he deserves Disney parks icon. At times, it may seem that the content of Figment is quite scarce, so much so that we it celebrates even the slightest change in its wardrobe as if it were a national holiday. However, the International Arts Festival 2022 is beginning to appear around EPCOT, and we just glimpsed something new that is purple and has wings.

Disney saw it people love to pick up buckets of popcorn, and they know us go crazy for all things Figment, so that Popcorn bucket it was a must for the 2022 Arts Festival! Disney Parks I just posted this Tiktok joking about the new bucket.


When we find out about the new #crispetes bucket before release 😉 January 14 #Epcot #FestivalOfTheArts 💜 (2 per guest) #Disney #DisneyWorld #Figment

Original sound – Disney Parks

We will not lie, this is almost felt too good to be true. This bucket of popcorn will be limited to two per guest, and it will probably sell out pretty soon! People love Figment, what can we say?

Mona Lisa Figment

The Arts Festival is just around the corner, and We already know some of the artists who will be performing at the festival, as well as what the food options they will look like. We’re predicting this bucket will be an interesting item, so rest assured enter EPCOT prepared on January 14th.


Oh Figment, the things we would do for you. We’re always up to date on what’s happening at Disney Parks, so stay tuned to AllEars for more information!

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Are you going to get the bucket of Figment popcorn? Let us know in the comments!

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