More than 4,000 Disney fans say they really like this controversial feature

Disney has been using a virtual queue system for some of its most popular attractions. Basically, this means that guests can use their smartphones to book a “boarding pass” for these trips in the early hours of the day, and then they will be called back later when the group boarding is ready.

Virtual queue entry when GO TIME!

This prevents a long wait line from forming and can also save you time in the parks. But with very limited available boarding passes and occasional technology bugs in the system, do guests really prefer a virtual queue rather than a wait? We have asked our readers to find out!

Two of the attractions for which Disney has used a virtual queue are Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance i Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Rise of the Resistance left its virtual queue and went on hold in September last year.

The rise of the waiting line for resistance to Hollywood studios

And we just heard that Remy is doing the same (switching to a queue instead of virtual) starting January 10, 2022.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Soon, no trip to Disney World will use more virtual queues, at least for now. Disney has warned that virtual queues may be useful and may be used from time to time in the future. They were careful to notice that they were finishing the virtual queue on Remy’s Ratatouille adventure “for now.” Therefore, you’ll want to check your My Disney Experience app before and during your trip to make sure there are virtual queues during your vacation.

How do guests feel about these changes when it comes to virtual queues? We asked you, our wonderful readers, on Instagram if you prefer to use virtual queues or waiting, i more than 7,000 people responded.

MANY people prefer virtual queues

Of those people, 61% said they prefer virtual queues waiting! More than 4,400 people chose virtual, compared to approx 2,800 who chose the standby mode.

Waiting line for the rise of resistance

This can be a little surprising as many people may experience difficulties with virtual lines. If a guest does not get a boarding pass just when it is available in the morning (or shortly after reopening in the afternoon), their only option to board this attraction would be to pay for the trip through Individual Attraction. Selection (or payment per trip) If your trip is available through this system, please try again another day or not.

Since boarding passes usually run out in a couple of minutes, it can be tricky to secure your place in the queue! In fact, we’ve heard from many readers in the past that they couldn’t get a Rise of the Resistance boarding group.

Boarding pass for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

But the best thing about virtual queues is that can reduce the actual timeout (usually) if you get a boarding pass. Once you have your pass, you will usually only wait a relatively short time on the actual line when you return. Since we’ve seen the waiting line for Rise of the Resistance reach 2 hours or more, it looks like virtual queues can give you more time in the park, instead of getting stuck waiting in line.

Resistance queue timeout sign

For people who do not get their boarding passes every time or who have had difficulty getting a boarding pass in the past, this waiting line option could save your life! And don’t forget that both attractions (Rise of the Resistance in Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure) Lightning Lanes for a fee (selection of individual attractions or pay per trip) are also available..

Lightning lane

So if you really want to access these attractions but don’t want to queue, you can pay to skip the line. Please note that the price of these payment options per trip may vary depending on the trip, park, and day. (They are not part of the standard Genie + service; they are an additional cost by selecting individual attractions).

Lightning Lane’s Rise of the Resistance

We’ll give you all the updates when Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure goes to a waiting line soon! Follow DFB for all the latest Disney World news.

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And you? Do you prefer virtual queues or waiting in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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