Why January 10th is so important at Disney parks this year

Disney has recently hosted some major events, such as the holidays, Disney + Day, and the start of the 50th anniversary celebrations at Disney World.

Cinderella Castle

Another great day is coming soon! January 10th will bring some MAJOR changes to Disney parks, such as travel closures, transportation changes, and new snacks. Here are ALL the things that will change that day.

It happens that many of the major changes that come to Disney parks occur on the same day. So if you visit Disney World or Disneyland on or after January 10th, be prepared for some major changes.

Closures of attractions

Disney World

A Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain will close for a month-long renovation. This reform is expected to last from 10 January until February 10, 2022.

Mountain Splash

The reform is just for routine maintenance, so it looks like we won’t see the big one The princess and the frog updates yet.

Splash Mountain at Disney World

Splash Mountain may close during this time of year due to renovations, so this change is not a big surprise!

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Disneyland has some more renovations starting January 10th. Mountain Splash i Enchanted mansion both will be temporarily closed at Disneyland Park that day.

Splash Mountain at Disneyland

Splash Mountain is expected to reopen sometime in the spring of 2022. Disney has not yet said what renovations will be made during this specific Splash Mountain closure.

End of Splash Mountain

Haunted Mansion has a much shorter closure and should be open again January 21, 2022. Suppose this closure is for demolish the holiday decorations of the enchanted mansion, as the holidays end at Disneyland on January 9th.

Holidays of the enchanted mansion

At Disney California Adventure Park, The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure will close on January 10th too.

© Disney

This attraction is expected to reopen a few days after it closes January 14.

Attraction changes

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure switching to the queue

Back at Disney World, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT is moving from a virtual queue to a queue on January 10th.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

From that day on, you can wait in a queue to go to Remy’s instead of getting a virtual queue boarding pass. The virtual queue will no longer be available (although Disney could always retrieve it; we’ll keep you posted if that happens!).

Virtual queue entry when GO TIME!

If you do not want to wait on the waiting line, you can also purchase a Lightning Lane pass for this attraction. It’s a pay-per-view attraction, which means it’s not included with Genie’s standard $ 15-a-day service. Instead, you can pay a separate fee to skip the queue on this one trip.

Lightning lane

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios changed from a virtual queue to a waiting line late last year. The waiting line for Rise of the Resistance can be quite long. We’ve seen it last 2 hours or more.

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New Snacks

On October 1, 2021, Disney World began celebrating its 50th anniversary. We tried a lot of new snacks that day, and most are still available in the parks!

Cinderella Castle

But from January 10, several of these 50 snacks will disappear and will be replaced by NINE snacks.

Mickey Mouse Dome Cake

Here are all the snacks there will be ANAT on January 10 (only available until January 9, 2022):

Widowmaker sandwich

Here are all the new snacks Disney has announced so far Magical Kingdom (with many of them replacing those who will leave).

© Disney

Here are all the new snacks ARRIVING on January 10:

© Disney

We look forward to trying these new additions! We’ll give you full reviews as soon as they debut in Magic Kingdom.

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Transportation changes

January 10, we officially say goodbye to Magical Express. This is the last day guests can catch a Magical Express bus from its Disney World hotel to Orlando International Airport. Please note that service from the airport to Disney World hotels via Magical Express is now complete. This will be the last day for travel from Disney World hotels BACK TO THE AIRPORT.

Magical Express bus

In the future, guests will be able to choose from a number of different transportation options to get from the airport to their hotel and back to the airport at the end of their stay. A replacement service for the Magical Express is Mears Connect, which is directed by Mears, the same people who ran Magical Express. Another service called The Sunshine Flyer it will also be released soon, which will use buses with designs designed to look like old trains. Or you can choose to use it car sharing services, rent a car or look at other options.

Mears Connect is a new choice!

None of the replacement options are free, and the best choice for you will depend on your travel and budget preferences.

Click here for a comparison of the two services that replace Magical Express

So January 10th is a BIG day for Disney parks, with all sorts of major changes. Keep following DFB for more of the latest Disney news!

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What do you think of all the changes on January 10th? Let us know in the comments.

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