8 of the most obscure articles people bring to Disney World

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If you are a frequent visitor to Disney World Park, you may have a standard packing list that you tend to follow. But … are you wearing something unusual?

Planning a trip to Disney World?

We’ve talked about Disney World’s packing lists and useful items you might want to bring. But what about the articles that none of us have thought of? We asked our readers (this is YOU!) To tell us about the darkest articles you’ve ever brought to Disney World.. That’s what you said!

We contacted our readers at ours Twitter (Follow us if you want to share your thoughts on the future!) and asked: “What’s the darkest item on your Disney packing list?”

We have a lot of answers ranging from very useful to surprisingly clever, so let’s get into it!

Toilet paper

A reader shared: “My husband insists on carrying his own toilet paper because his ass is so sensitive. ” We must admire the priorities.

Toilet paper in the pop century

Depending on where you are staying, you can find single-layer toilet paper in your Disney World hotel room, so keep in mind that you may need to add your own household toilet paper to your packing list!

Learn more about everything included in your stay at a Disney World hotel!

Bottle of wine

While you can order a glass of wine in many Disney World areas, sometimes even just one glass can be quite expensive. A reader said they carry “a bottle of wine to relax at the end of the day. Wine on the property is much more expensive.

Bottles of wine

If you are looking for a cheaper wine option or maybe just a bottle to keep it fresh in your room and ready after a long day at Disney World, you can bring your own bottle! But – don’t forget to bring a wine bottle opener as well!

2.0 the best of the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2021!

Silk scarves and binding clips

If you visit Disney World with young children, you know that strollers can often be a must. One reader answered our question with: “Silk scarves and binding clips. We use them to provide frontal shade to children when they are in strollers. Stick the scarves on the umbrella part of the stroller and BAM! Complete sun protection, especially for small thighs. “

Stroller parking

On a bright, sunny Florida day, it can be easy to get a sunburn, and this great solution seems like a great option for young kids! Keep them cool and protected from the sun.

The definitive list for newborns at Disney World.

Champagne cap

Maybe instead of a bottle of wine, you want to bring a bottle (or two, we won’t judge) of champagne after a long day at Disney World. A reader said they carry “a champagne cork, though we almost never use it. ” The important thing is that you need it.


Also, if you carry a bottle of wine and plan to make it last, it might not be a bad idea to bring a bottle of wine with you!

The places to find wine and champagne at EPCOT!

Body Glide

Oh yeah, one of the biggest problems with Disney World: Chafing. If you get it, you get it. A reader said to bring “Body Glide (runners get it). ”

© Amazon

You can get a scrubbing balm like Amazon Body Glide per $ 9.99, and is easy to throw in your Disney Parks bag. Trust us, this is an obscure element that you will use.

Order Amazon Body Glide here!

Garbage bags

Another reader told us, “My husband ALWAYS carries garbage bags. We’ve never used them and he never explains why, he still packs them. One day I’m sure we’ll be glad you did.“Honestly, you never know when you’ll need a garbage bag.

Trash cans from Toy Story Land

Since Disney World reopened in July 2020, the cleaning of Disney World hotels has been changed to a light cleaning service every two days, and you can also opt out altogether. Garbage bags can be useful!

Read more about cleaning up Disney World hotels.

Scissors and adhesive tape

Okay, that’s not what you think. A reader recommended bringing “Scissors and adhesive tape. It will solve most of Disney’s travel problems. How to close your suitcase after a visit to the Magic Kingdom Emporium. It was only sealed with duct tape.“Don’t worry about overpacking with these items!


Maybe you need scissors cut the packaging of new memories so they fit better in your suitcase, and if you spent a little time on memories, this tape would be useful for keep the suitcase closed! Just make sure you pack these items in your checked baggage.

The ultimate packing list of proven and true Disney World equipment, tested by professionals!

Christmas lights

Did you know that you can decorate your Disney World hotel room and your Fort Wilderness campsite? Reader Brook Contributes “Christmas lights to decorate the porch of the cabins or the window of the complex.” So funny!

Holiday decorations in Fort Wilderness

You can decorate your Disney World hotel room window for holidays or birthdays, and people staying at Fort Wilderness campsites often do everything. Don’t forget to bring your decoration if you want to take part!

Never guess where we found the most EPIC Halloween decorations at Disney World!

If you’d like to share your answers in the future, be sure to follow up with us Twitter! Stay tuned for more responses from DFB readers and Disney World news and updates!

If you could get rid of ONE thing at Disney World, what would it be?

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What’s the darkest thing you’ve ever brought to Disney World? Tell us in the comments!

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