Has the global supply chain crisis affected Disney World? Here is what we are seeing

You’ve probably noticed that the shelves in your local stores seem more empty than usual in recent months. The global supply chain crisis has led to a decline in stock across a wide variety of industries, making your favorite items potentially low.

Disney World

While this may lead to low inventory in your hometown, has the global supply chain crisis affected Disney World at all?

While Disney has not made any statement about how the global supply chain crisis has affected its operations, there are a couple of observations we’ve made over the last few hives that indicate that parks could be affected. .

Minnie Ears

In the fall of 2021, Beverly Sunset Shop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios closed its doors, citing a low inventory. At that point, cast members told us that the store would reopen in a couple of months.

Closed at Disney World

Although we have seen Disney World merchandise appear at Disneyland and vice versa over the years, they are usually few and far between. But we’ve noticed that Disneyland products are increasingly appearing on the East Coast.

Disneyland Cup seen at Animal Kingdom!

There are other signs that the global supply chain crisis could affect Disney World’s food service. We learned that chicken supplies were in danger of running out of supply across the country, although as of the time of writing we have not seen any direct impact on the parks inventory.

Chicken tenders

Overall, power operations at Disney World appear to be stable. Supply was initially limited when the parks reopened in July 2020 due to social distancing measures and limited operations in general. But the global supply chain crisis, if it is affecting Disney, has first and foremost hit the shelves of its gift shops.

Disney World

Of course, we’ll keep a close eye on the ongoing crisis during the new year and let you know if we have any additional news or announcements!

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