If you’ve been looking for the new Pink Starbucks at Disneyland, you’re in luck!

One of the highlights of Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrations has been the Starbucks EARidescent glasses! These bad guys have been exhausted over and over again, and even after a new version of the glass came out with a pink outline, it can still be hard to find a few days.

A new shiny glass!

However, our west coast readers may have a little more luck at Disneyland Resort, where we found a new glass!

If you go to Market House (AKA Starbucks) a Disneyland, you can find this coveted collectible!

Main Street, USA

Tada! He Starbucks EARidescent pink glass has arrived at Disneyland Resort! This bright collectible is prone to wear out (especially the original purple / blue version), so it’s nice to see this glass in a new location.

The Sparkly Pink Tumblers have hit the west coast!

Like the Disney World version, this mug has a Starbucks logo and a bright, pointed design! As usual, this glass is quite expensive $ 49.99 (that won’t stop them from selling, people love these cups).

So brilliant!

On the other hand, you will find something unique, the Disneyland logo! This was also the case when the purple glass arrived at Disneyland.

These have the Disneyland logo!

We’ve seen a lot of new Disney glasses lately, including a new 50th anniversary glass at Disney World!

A new glass is here!

We’re always up to date with the latest Disney news, so stay tuned here for more!

Reminders! Today is the last day to exchange Disneyland After Dark 2020 tickets!

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