Disney World offers guests a discount on custom lightsabers – here’s why

Over the past year, we’ve seen supply issues affect many things at Disney World.

Sabers of Light at Tattooine Traders

From ketchup shortages to noodle shortages to POG juice shortages, we’ve seen how these issues have affected guests. But now a supply problem has affected a popular Disney World experience.

This experience is Sage workshop, where guests can build their own customizable lightsabers. It is such a popular experience in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that reservations are pretty hard to get. But right now, there is a shortage that affects paying guests $ 219.99 by experience.

Sage workshop

According to the official Savi’s Workshop website on the Disney World website, the experience includes a lightsaber case created by guests.

© Disney

These cases are made of black fabric with a handle to facilitate the transport of the lightsaber. However, today we spoke to a cast member who informed us that those Carrying cases are not currently available due to a supply problem. Meanwhile, customers receive plastic bags for their new lightsabers.

Laser saber

However, guests are told that laser saber cases are being sold near Dok Ondar’s Lair of Antiquities for $ 50.

Laser saber carrying case at Dok Ondar’s

Meanwhile, Savi’s guests are receiving 10% discount discount the price of your experience to make up for the inconvenience. Please note that this is not a permanent change, plastic bags are only temporary according to cast members.

We’ll keep you posted on the situation, so stay tuned.

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What do you think of this supply problem situation? Let us know in the comments.

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