Fans of The Disney Rides do NOT regret paying

Last year, Disney suspended FastPass + and introduced two new payment methods to skip the queues at the popular attractions of the four parks.

Disney Genie + is now at Disney World!

New systems are known as Disney Genie + (which costs $ 15 per person per day) i Individual selection of attractions (which is a different and different cost per trip, per day). We’ve been testing them in the parks for the past few months to give you some of our best tips, but one question we often ask is “What attractions are really worth buying?” And for that, We’re turning to our AllEars readers to see what they have to say!

About ours Facebook page, we asked our readers “What is a trip you will NOT regret buying access to Lightning Lane at Disney World?” and with over 200 answers, there were FOUR clear winners – let’s take a look!

Rise of the Resistance

What was the # 1 trip that readers didn’t regret buying access to Lightning Lane? Rise of the Resistance en Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Rise of the Resistance is a selection of individual attraction

This immersive trip is considered a selection of individual attractions and has cost $ 15 per person both in the peak and non-peak seasons of the year so far. And, it should come as no surprise to readers that the cost is worth it The standby time has reached more than 4 hours on especially busy days and often exceeds 100 minutes regardless of crowds.

The Rise of the Resistance wait line can be very long

Aside from skipping the long wait, some readers shared that they didn’t regret buying access to Lightning Lane because it allowed them to ride even further through the park all day. In fact, one reader said that “it allowed us to make other trips in the early hours of the morning without waiting long.” Therefore, the possibility of buying the selection of individual attractions ended up freeing up more time in their day to deal with other popular attractions.

Avatar Flight of Passage

The next most popular answer was Step flight en Disney’s animal kingdom.

Step flight

This is another attraction that has a standby time of more than 90 minutes each day, and for many, the possibility of skipping the long line was well worth the extra cost.

Step flight tail

Please note that Flight of Passage is also considered a selection of individual attractions and it has traditionally cost $ 11 during off-peak hours i $ 14 during the busiest seasons and weekends.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure en EPCOT it was another popular response from readers, and this one is a little more unique than the others. Since opening, the attraction has a virtual queue, that is, guests must secure a seat in the virtual queue during one of the two distribution hours (7 am and 1 pm) in order to travel “for free”. Tan, the only way to ensure you can get to the attraction is to buy a Lightning Lane return window.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Like other top-notch attractions (or Fancy RidesTM as we call them), Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is a selection of individual attractions and has traditionally it costs between $ 9 and $ 11 depending on when you visit.

Virtual queue return line

Many of our readers thought the cost was worth it because it meant them they didn’t have to spend more time on their phones trying to get a place in the virtual queue and them they were guaranteed a trip to the new attraction.

Frozen Ever After

The last trip that most readers mentioned as not regretting having bought is Frozen Ever After. Like the others, this trip is considered a selection of individual attractions and it costs between $ 9 and $ 11 to skip the line.

The Frozen Ever After line is another one that gets long!

Aside from being a popular attraction it usually has a longer waiting time EPCOT, many readers shared that the Lightning Lane was worth it because they had young children who weren’t good at waiting in long queues. Paying the extra cost meant they could still take their kids to see their favorite characters Frozen without having to worry about how long the waiting line would be.

Honorable mentions

While most readers mentioned these four attractions in response to our question on Facebook, there are still others worth noting! This includes Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad i Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios …

Mickey and Minnie’s runaway railroad

Jungle cruise, Enchanted mansion, i Seven dwarf mine train to the Magic Kingdom …

Seven dwarf mine train

I Flying around the world and EPCOT.

Flying around the world

In addition, some even mentioned that they will probably not regret paying to skip the queue. TRON: Lightcycle Run when it finally premieres in Magic Kingdom.

Tron Attraction Concept Art © Disney

Therefore, the general topics here were:

  • Readers believe that paying the extra cost to skip the queue at attractions is worth it if it means they can skip a wait that lasts several hours.
  • Readers did not regret paying for a trip that was Brand new or that they he had never ridden.
Slinky Dog Dash at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Some readers also pointed out that there was no attraction to Disney World for which they would be willing to pay the extra cost and would rather wait on the waiting lines using other strategies to deal with long queues in the parks.

Tower of Terror

Are there any attractions you don’t mind paying Disney World for that haven’t been mentioned before? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to do so follow us on our Facebook page so you can share your thoughts on our next question!

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What is a trip you won’t regret buying access to Lightning Lane at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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