PHOTOS: AN ABANDONED Roller Coaster, TRON Progress and MORE at Disney World!

It’s time to take a look at all the construction that’s going on around Disney World!

Magical Kingdom

2021 was filled with tons of different projects as Disney fixed the parks for the 50th anniversary, and while we had a few months in which things calmed down, the reforms are BACK in full swing in the parks and resorts. Tan, this week we’ll see what’s going on at an upcoming Magic Kingdom attraction, a newly closed fan favorite attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and more “Let’s go!”

Magical Kingdom

TRON: Lightcycle Run

We’ve been offering you play by play as the construction of Magic Kingdom’s next roller coaster, TRON: Lightcycle Run has continued for the past two years. Last week, we took a look at the progress from the side and now we took a look at the PeopleMover from above! Here’s a look at what we saw last time we took a look at the trip …

Construction of TRON on December 12, 2021

… and here’s what it looks like now! He large walkway which will take guests from Tomorrowland to the entrance of the attraction has been paved

TRON construction

… and although much of the rest of the area still looks like an active construction site full of dirt, the beginnings of the Walt Disney World Railroad tunnel can be seen it is built in the middle towards the back. So if you’re wondering why the Magic Kingdom train hasn’t been running for more than three years, it’s because the train tracks in Tomorrowland are expected to pass directly through this area.

TRON construction

We haven’t heard any updates from Disney on when this new attraction in the park could open, but it will definitely arrive!


There are also often some smaller projects around Magic Kingdom and this week we noticed that the railways near Club 33 at Adventureland were being painted.

Watch out for wet paint!

The area that had wet paint was locked with a rope during the time period the guests needed to avoid touching them. These signs tend to go away pretty quickly, though, because they’re really only there while the paint is … well … wet.

Disney’s animal kingdom

Everest Expedition

In September, we learned that the Everest Expedition would close at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a 3-month renewal in early 2022, and the time has come. On January 4, fans ’favorite trip slammed their doors and the area is beautiful now quiet and abandoned.

The promenade is closed

All the the signage for the trip is already covered and some the walls of the building have appeared close to the attraction gift shop, Basar Serka Zong. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the store has been kept open for guests, so you can still get all the yeti memories you could wish for inside.

Serka Zong Bazaar is still open

Currently, the Disney website points this out Everest Expedition will reopen in mid-April. but no official date has been announced yet. We’ll be waiting for more updates, but be sure to consider this makeover if you’re visiting Disney World this spring!

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DinoLand, United States

The final pieces of the induced journey Prime Primeval Whirl, were withdrawn in DinoLand, USA a few months ago, and many park goers have been curious to know what Disney has planned for the area. We stopped this week to see what might be going on, and from a bird’s eye view on TriceraTop Spin, it looked like construction crews were still cleaning up all the remains of the trip.

Very empty behind these walls!

One thing that has changed here is that it is now additional parking for strollers located next to the bright blue fence. In addition, bright orange fans are an added bonus for hot days in Florida.

This area is now a car park

And that’s all for this week’s construction progress! Of course, we’ll keep an eye out for all the latest updates, so be sure to stay tuned to DFB for more!

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