The unexpected reason is that you can see some Disney World stores and locations closed

Much has changed at Disney World since the parks began their gradual reopening in 2020 after the unprecedented closure at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Magical Kingdom

While many restaurants, shops, and most hotels have since welcomed guests, there are still many things that have not returned to “normal” in parks and resorts. And as the situation at COVID-19 continues to evolve, we have begun to notice a pattern when it comes to unexpectedly closed shops and dining places; that is what we know.

Lack of staff

Over the past year, we’ve come across some unplanned store closures, snack kiosks, and even EPCOT festival booths that are said to be related to staffing issues. For example, in June, a Flower & Garden Festival booth was closed during one of our visits due to staff shortages and we recently spoke with a cast member who explained that a cart was supposed to be ice cream snacks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios had to be open, but it couldn’t because no one was giving it.

Closed ice cream cart

Also, at Disney Springs, an employee told us that many of the stores have had to change their normal opening hours due to “staff issues” and we’ve even noticed that many remote greeting sites feature characters. they have recently been missing in the parks. .

M&M store closed

But could Disney World really deal with such a shortage of staff? Well, you may remember that Disney had to set aside and release many of its cast members during the resort’s closure in 2020. And while Disney has called for most of these affected cast members to return, it’s possible that they may not have been able to (or have chosen not to) return.

The shortage of workers has even been observed in other industries with the The Wall Street Journal reported in 2021 that job vacancies in the United States were at a record high for the summer, but even with low-wage work and high demand, the supply of workers went up. keep low.

Members of the cast at La Creperie de Paris

Disney hasn’t said much about the number of cast members they’ve returned (or how many more they need to hire), but according to Disney’s chief financial officer Christine McCarthy, they hoped to have national parks. “fully equipped” at the end of 2021. It is unclear whether this goal was met at that time.

Something that indicates it Staff shortages remain a problem for Disney, however big signature bonuses which we have seen are offered at the last job fairs.

Member of the Blizzard Beach cast

In addition, tThe deficiencies being reported in the parks and Disney Springs could be more directly related to COVID-19. Workers United Local 50, which represents food service workers at Disneyland Resort, recently posted on Facebook explaining that Disney’s “response time to COVID submissions” sent by cast members eligible to pay for lost shifts ” is delayed “.

They did not share whether the backup is related to a large number of cast members requesting payment after contracting COVID-19, but they would not be the only sector affected by the shortage due to COVID-19 cases between the staff. During the holidays and in early 2022, thousands of flights have been canceled due to COVID-19 cases among crews, and school shortages are also being reported due to teachers hiring virus.

The cast members welcome everyone to the parks!

So even though Disney hasn’t commented on staff shortages, you’re likely to run into some unexpected closures or altered operating hours when you’re visiting that may be related.

Stock issues

Another potential cause of the unplanned closures we’ve been seeing at Disney World is stock issues.

Could stock issues be causing closures at Disney World?

For example, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Beverly Sunset Shop has been closed since November 2021. When we spoke to a cast member, they shared that the store was few stocks and they didn’t have enough inventory to put in the store, so they had to close it.

The store is temporarily closed, but the Cast Member told us in November that it would probably be a couple of months before they reopened.

Closed at Disney World

We’ve also seen the impacts of shortages on stores that have remained open in other parks. For example, at EPCOT, Mitsukoshi department stores currently have a large area blocked and empty because items that would normally be sold out.

They are completely sold out

Also, even find one Star Wars The lightsaber has been hard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with both Tatooine Traders and Dok Ondar running out of stock in recent months.

Station closed because the lightsabers were out

It looks like Disney has been trying to combat these stock issues by adding purchase limits to most items in park stores. But even with the limit of 2 of each item per guest, we are still seeing empty racks and store closures.

The limit applies to most now

So if you’re visiting Disney World soon, you’ll want to keep in mind that you may encounter some closures that you were unfamiliar with. We are aware of which locations are affected by staff and stock shortages, so be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for the latest news!

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