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When you travel alone, YOU make the rules. Cupcakes for breakfast!

Is it weird to travel to Walt Disney World as a single adult?

No. Seriously, just not.

Every day, thousands of adults visit Walt Disney World on their own, taking advantage of all that parks, resorts, and recreation have to offer. I have done this myself dozens of times, for short visits and for stays of several weeks.

Okay, a solo trip may not be to be strange, but it will be so feel Is it weird to go to such a familiar destination?

First of all, while Walt Disney World has many things designed for kids and families, there are so many things designed for adults. Spas, gourmet restaurants, and exciting attractions are just a few of the adult-oriented entertainment options at Disney World, few of which come close to any particular party size. And all these things for kids: adults can enjoy most of them too.

But how you feel about being alone is a state of mind, a state that may need a little practice to get used to. I will confess that I was well into adulthood before I felt comfortable doing things like going to a restaurant alone. If you’re nervous about the emotional imbalance of being alone in an entertainment venue, it may help to take your first steps home. Practice doing things like:

  • Go to a movie for yourself. Start with a morning or weekday show, working up to a weekend night.
  • Go to a cultural place such as a museum or an exhibition on your own.
  • Go to a fast food restaurant and dine alone.
  • Go alone to a waiter service restaurant, start with breakfast or lunch, working up to a weekend night.
  • Attend a live entertainment event on your own, such as a play or concert.
  • Visit a local amusement park on your own.

Depending on your education and personality, many of these activities may be more or less disturbing, but once you’ve mastered a few, you’re likely to be ready for a solo WDW trip. It can also be helpful to keep in mind that everyone else at Disney World is committed to their own vacation, no one is paying attention to you (I’m saying it the right way), and most likely no one will have any idea who you are. traveling on your own.

Get up early or go to sleep, you decide.

Will I be alone if I visit Walt Disney World on my own?

Again, this is a personal feeling. However, there are many people to talk to if you want to connect with others. Cast members are usually more than willing to talk about their area of ​​expertise. You can meet other guests while sitting by the pool or queuing at an attraction. And you can always call or text a friend at home if you want a well-known company.

Where should I stay as a solo traveler?

There are thousands of travel options in the Orlando area, both off-site and Disney-owned, at all prices. You can stay where it fits your budget for you in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

That said, from the perspective of a woman who has stayed alone in almost every WDW hotel, I usually prefer to be on the second floor or higher of my hotel, close to high-traffic areas such as elevators or public lobbies. . Disney’s property is very safe, but I don’t like to walk to a distant place only in the dark. You may have different preferences.

You should also consider how staying in a particular location will affect your transportation needs. If you are staying out of place, you will probably need a car, which may mean driving through an unknown area at night or taking Ubers or taxis. Depending on your experience, these activities may or may not be comfortable for you.

Relax by the pool for as long as you like.

You mentioned that Disney is safe. Are there any things I can do to increase my security?

Use the same common sense that you would use when traveling alone anywhere. For example:

  • Leave a copy of your general travel itinerary with a friend at home.
  • Keep private details of where you are staying, such as your room number, private.
  • If you’re using an Uber or Lyft, turn on the feature that indicates your route to a friend or family member.
  • Follow the well-lit paths at night and, if in doubt, ask a cast member to accompany you to your room.
  • Please keep at least one credit card and ID in the hotel room safe. In the event that your wallet is unlikely to be lost or stolen, you will have a secure means of payment.

What is the best way to reach WDW as a solo traveler?

Now that Disney’s Magical Express service has been discontinued, there are no more free transportation options from Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World. That means you can rent a car, rent a limousine, use a shared travel service or a taxi, or use a shuttle service like Mears Connect.

All of these are good options. Base your choice on budget, the convenience of traveling alone with just one taxi driver / car, and the desire to access your own vehicle.

Is there a better or worse time of year to visit WDW as a solo traveler?

Check out our Disney World crowd schedule. The busiest times are those in which a larger percentage of American schools have a scheduled break and, therefore, when a larger percentage of the park will be occupied by children.

Of course, there are always kids at Walt Disney World, so there will never be an “adult-only” time to visit the parks.

In 2022, the lowest turnaround time is five weeks from late August to September. This would be a great time to visit anyone, including a single adult.

Is it weird to eat at table service restaurants on my own?


Adults eat at Disney’s table service restaurants all the time. If dinner alone is something that makes you uncomfortable, you can, as mentioned above, practice at home to work on it. Alternatively, there are fast-service restaurants in the parks and resorts, many of which offer delicious food at reasonable prices.

Often a single person can go to a great place for a show.

Are there restaurants that are better or worse for solo travelers?

My answer to this could have been different before the pandemic than now.

Before the pandemic, there were a handful of restaurants at Walt Disney World where several parties sometimes sat at the same table, most notably Biergarten and Via Napoli, both located in Epcot. Your appreciation of these restaurants may vary depending on your thoughts on dinner with strangers. However, with the current social distancing protocols in place, these restaurants do not sit at parties together. Check out our Disney tips for introverts for related discussions.

I especially like to dine on my own in places where there is something to do instead of looking at my food. For example, Sci-Fi Dine-In at Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers fun movies during your meal. My favorite place to dine alone at Disney World is the DHS Brown Derby Lounge. This place is outside the main Brown Derby restaurant. They offer much of the same food and dining, as well as a great view of downtown DHS with cavalcade lines of sight and a great vantage point for people watching.

Can I make dining reservations for one person?

Yes, you can. And you should make reservations for any must-have table service restaurant.

However, you may be a little more fortunate if you experience the search for meal reservations for both a group of one and a group of two, even if you are dining on your own. As long as someone shows up at the reservation, it doesn’t matter how many people end up having dinner.

Are there any benefits to going to Disney World alone?

Lots of!!!

The biggest advantage of traveling alone is that you can make the trip EXACTLY the way you want it to be. Do only the trips you like. Get out of the parks when you’re tired. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Change your plans on the fly without consulting anyone. Freedom is amazing!

Beyond that, several attractions have single-pilot lines that make solo travelers get to the attractions faster. I’ve also been very lucky as a solo traveler with my debut in restaurants without a reservation.

Restaurants with entertainment can be ideal for solo visitors.

Are there any discounted prices for Disney World solo travelers?

Unfortunately not, but unlike Disney Cruise Line, there are no penalties either. (At DCL, singles must pay the price for two guests.)

How do I take pictures in the parks if I travel on my own?

Solo travel is a great time to take advantage of PhotoPass photographers.

Is it weird to go to greet a character on my own?

Not at all. The characters are 100% well interacting with guests of any age and any size of party.

Will I have to ride with strangers to attractions?

Check out our guides to Disney World theme park rides: Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios. You will see that there are very few attractions where there is even the possibility of sitting alone with a stranger. If in doubt, talk to a member of the cast of the attraction. I’ve never heard of an individual seat application that is not accredited.

The only “ride” where I, traveling as a woman alone, have never been placed alone with a single stranger, is the Skyliner transport system. Talk to a cast member if you don’t want this to happen.

Some attractions, such as the test track, have a single lane.

What can I do to keep busy waiting for travel if I have no one to talk to?

You can try to start a conversation with other people waiting in line, if you want to talk to people.

Otherwise, think about how you would spend your time if you were alone on a plane or on a long bus trip: listening to podcasts, reading a book, doing a puzzle, and so on.

Any tips for a fun-filled solo trip?

In many of my solo travels, I have set myself challenges. These may include things like:

  • Try a new snack at each theme park
  • Go to all the WDW roller coasters in one day
  • Visit all the WDW resorts during a trip
  • Get an item from each booth at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival (it was a long journey)
  • Take each walk in a specific park
  • Master a new camera
  • Find and photograph all 50th anniversary statues

What is there to do as a solo traveler besides going to the theme parks?

Whatever you do with others, you can do it alone at Disney World: go to the gym or spa, sit by the pool and read, go to a movie, take a backstage tour, shop at Disney Springs , listen to the duel pianos at Jellyrolls, watch the Cirque du Soleil show … and on.

How was your experience as a solo traveler at Disney World? Let us know!

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