Review: Disney World’s MASSIVE 50th Anniversary Sundae has a new look!

Remember last fall when Disney World dropped a lot of Celebration of the 50th anniversary snacks? Well, some of these treats are gone … but have recently been replaced with some new ones!

Cinderella Castle

We have already checked the Slue Foot Sue Fish Sandwich and the Donald Duck Dome Cake. Now, let’s move on Restaurant Plaza to Magic Kingdom to take a look at yours UPDATED Greetings for 50 years of ice cream ice cream.

“Cheers to 50 Years” has been around since October 1 last year, but Disney has announced that it will be “updated” starting today! This mass $ 32 dessert comes with Chocolate and vanilla ice cream, brownies, pretzels, hot caramel, candy corn with chocolate jet, cookies with chocolate chips dipped in white chocolate and whipped cream… all with a cherry on top.

Here it is with its new look!

Sounds like they left the cupcakes along with Mickey’s pretzel which previously served as one of the many garnishes for these desserts (EARidescent sugar has also run out) and replaced them with wholemeal cookies (which add a good-looking Mickey Ears look to the sundae!), as well as wheat of candy blackberry. We also noticed chopped Twix candy bars i Strawberry sauce to our sundae!

It is now included with caramel corn and whole crackers instead of just crumbled cookies.

When we got ours, though, we couldn’t help but notice a well-known color scheme that you can recognize from the last months …

Wait a minute

We saw some red and green on our sundae, almost as if that were it a kind of holiday gift instead of a 50th birthday gift.

They are definitely red and green splashes!

And while all the arrangements were there, though does not match the photo very much Disney shared on his Instagram. It definitely made us fall for a moment after we got to our table!

What we thought we would achieve! © Disney

Once we got past the rather “festive” color scheme, we totally sank headlong into our ice cream mountain! As delicious as this delicacy is (and big enough to feed four of them!), we preferred its previous version – After all, it’s not every day you see a whole Mickey Pretzel sitting on top of an ice cream! The previous version seemed to call “50th Anniversary” a little better than this one. In addition, the previous version also had the glass bowl dipped in ice cream, but ours today was just … simple.

Hey, it’s still a delicious ice cream.

If you’re in the Plaza restaurant during your 50th birthday celebration, this is a fun way to end your meal if your table is still hungry! Be sure to follow it as we bring you more of the latest snacks, merchandise and events celebrating the 50th anniversary of Disney World! There are a lot of interesting things going on for 2022, so check back before your next vacation to catch up on everything to see, do and eat.

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