Disney World asks guests about health and safety, crowds, and more in the new polls

Disney World has seen a lot of changes over the past two years in how parks operate.

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Meeting and greeting of the characters they weren’t available for a long time (and now that they’re back, they’ve been modified), we’ve seen a variety of safety and health measures such as temperature tests and face mask requirements, and crowd capacity was limited after the parks reopened in July 2020. Some changes are still in place, while other things are back to normal, but Disney seems to be looking for some comments on what should happen next in the parks.

After a recent visit to Hollywood Studies, we received a poll in our Disney email asking about our experience. The survey had many questions, some of which focused on things like meeting and greeting the characters.

There was a question how we feel waiting in line to meet characters. Then we could respond by saying we would just be willing to wait to see a character on an inner line, an outer line, both, or neither, as well as the option of not wanting to meet a character at all.

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Another question we received in the survey was the question meet Mickey Mouse and if we she hoped to be able to hug him if we found him in a sighting of characters. Disney might be trying to get an idea of ​​the comfort of the guests with the idea of ​​being able to hug and interact closely with the characters again.

Hi Mickey!

Then they asked us about our feelings for him character dining room. Character food has been limited since Disney World reopened and the experience is still altered, but you can now get up from your seat and take pictures with the characters as long as you stay away. Could this question mean we could see more character dinners soon?

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The poll then asked safety and health procedures at Hollywood Studios. It lists what procedures are currently in place, and then asked if we believe this set of procedures was the right amount, too much or too little. Disney seems to be trying to determine how most guests feel about their safety in the parks right now.

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Another topic covered in the survey was crowds. Hollywood studios can be very crowded due to the popularity of Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land, so Disney wanted to know. if it was hard for us to move around the park. We were asked at what time of day we thought there were too many people.

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They also kept asking how many times we feel like there are too many people to move around the park, with the answers varying from a few times to the entire visit. This could try to measure the current capacity limits in the parks and how this relates to the guest experience.

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Disney then wanted to know about Genie, its new planning program, and Genie +, the system that has replaced FastPass +. We were asked if we used it during our trip to the park and then we were asked why or why not.

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The survey questions give a brief overview of what Disney takes into account when making changes to parks and what worries them when it comes to the guest experience. It will be interesting to see if there are any changes in the parks soon and what the changes would be. Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney World news and information.

Click here to see Disney World’s current health and safety guidelines for 2022

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