It’s always tea time: the tea scene

By Meaghan Walsh Gerard

THEIC: n. a person who drinks excessive amounts of tea.

There are rumors that tea leaves are discovered in China when a few leaves fall into a pot of boiling water. Thousands of years later, it is a treat enjoyed by millions of people every day.

Although it can be black, green, white, etc. — it is all from the same plant. The only difference is when you collect the leaves from the tree and how you dry the leaves. And like coffee or wine, the taste can vary depending on where it is grown. The leaves of exactly the same tree will be affected differently by soil conditions, rainfall and even altitude. Some tea drinkers have created a palette of favorite regions and blends.

All teas are naturally caffeinated, but you can easily decaffeinate it yourself. Start drinking, but after 30 seconds remove the leaves and discard the water. Start again and drink as usual. Caffeine is first released from the leaves, so you now have decaffeinated leaves.

I certainly think of myself as a thick, though I rarely say I drink too much tea – not enough, if you ask me. There is something wonderful about making hot tea. Boiling water, measuring the leaves, mixing the flavors when I feel adventurous, waiting for it to stand up, then pour steaming, fresh tea.

Celebrate fresh, lively drinks with these films:





Alice in Wonderland (1951)

The most iconic tea scene in the movie should be at Mad Hatter’s tea party Alice in Wonderland. Unsurprisingly cups of tea and piles of saucer, piles of delicious sweets and food, and of course, meaningless chatter make the scene a pleasurable chaos. It even inspired a favorite cup of tea ride at a Disney theme park.

Alice hired in Wonderland

The importance of being sincere (2002)

Fast dialogue, humorous characters and insane situations mean Oscar Wilde’s classic drama never gets old. Of all the crazy slogans, afternoon tea is an important anchor. Yet, this citadel of civilization cannot stop the accusation of “eating muffins vigorously.”

The importance of the deposit is rent

The Princess Diary (2001)

What better way to find out if you are the royal heir to a kingdom than to sip from the Royal Albert Old Country Roses set? The classic pattern is a favorite with collectors and features bright red, pink and yellow roses set by gold leaf splash. Just “Shut up!” Be careful not to scream! When using them.

Princess diary rent

Mary Poppins (1964)

Really, when you have tea with Dame Julie Andrews, you know that things are going to go wild. As Mary Poppins, she brought the kids and Bert to see Uncle Andrew, very stupid, but very kind. Amidst the ridiculous jokes and laughter, they proceeded to have tea floating on the roof, as they did.

Rent Mary Poppins

Phantom Thread (2007)

Tea (and cooking) plays an important role in a movie that was originally about high fashion in the 1950s. The main couple is met while she is working as a maid and she serves her tea. Later, he would serve her a pot of tea that would change the course of her life forever.

Phantom thread hire

The King’s Speech (2010)

When Edward VIII ascends the throne, George VI is pushed into a spotlight he never wanted. The film tells the story of a speech therapy lesson he took to get rid of a stutter. In the scene, his wife, the queen, is drinking tea, but it also marks the on-screen reunion of Colin Firth and Jennifer Ahel, who shared their own tea. Pride and Prejudice.

Rent the king’s speech



Tea garden_0.jpeg

Downton Abbey (2010-2015)

Dowager Countess won’t spit on what I do every time she drops an aphorism. Tea, and drinking it is the centerpiece of the Grantham family world, and when served with some bitter taste it no longer tastes good. Through the documentary you will also learn about the customs and rituals of Edwardian England The Manners of Downton Abbey.

Rent Downton Abbey

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