News at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Supply Chain Problems Continue and 50th Anniversary Articles!

Greetings from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Are you planning an upcoming Disney World vacation? Then you’ll probably be wondering what to see and do in the parks right now.

Toy Story Land

We have some updates to share today about what’s new in the park, from a Disney World classic coming back after the holiday season to the latest supply chain issues we’ve seen! Let’s dive in!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Power Update

Trolley Car Cafe

More at Trolley Car Cafe (where you will find your favorite Starbucks drinks being served), we noticed a menu change that marked the end of the holidays.

The carrot cookie is back!

Red Velvet Christmas Cake is gone and has now been replaced by this place’s classic carrot cookie. Stay tuned for this change on your next visit!

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Merchandise Update

Celebrities 5 and 10

At Celebrity 5 & 10, we discovered the newest (and perhaps most beautiful) piece. 50th anniversary merchandise “The adorable one.” Got Mickey and Minnie that we realized a few days ago!

The most beautiful drink ever!

Mickey, Minnie and Cinderella Castle sit on top of the glass lid, so they look good while you drink your favorite drink.

Too handsome!

You can find the glass at Celebrity 5 and 10, as well as other Disney World locations $ 34.99.

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Hollywood’s Mickey’s

At Mickey’s of Hollywood, we found one Set of stackable wooden blocks inspired by “it’s a small world”.

Set of wooden blocks “it’s a small world”.

This simple yet colorful toy would be a great gift! Retail by $ 49.99.

Hollywood legends

We found something quite strange in Legends of Hollywood: Disneyland Merchandise! It’s not every day that you find goods from the opposite coast in your “home” complex, but we’ve found that Alex and Ani bracelet on a recent trip.

Disneyland merchandise detected at Disney World!

We also found this beautiful Chip and Dale game set which we had previously only seen at Disneyland in stock at Legends of Hollywood.

Matching sweatshirt and tracksuit pants

The sweatshirt is sold at retail $ 59.99 and retail jogging pants $ 44.99.

We also found some of the new features Dooney and Bourke collections at Legends of Hollywood on a recent visit. We detected the new Valentine’s Day collection

Valentine’s Day Dooney & Bourke Collection

… As well as the unique German themed collection!

German-themed Dooney & Bourke collection

Both collections have three bags each, so be sure to check them out the next time you go shopping for Disney World!

Click here to see more photos from the new Dooney & Bourke collection inspired by Germany!

Robbers Keystone

At Keystone Clothiers, we came across this Marvel themed baseball jersey per $ 59.99.

Marvel baseball jersey

We may be a couple of months away before we start thinking about the start of the baseball season, but during the off-season, you can show your love for all things Marvel!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Finally, we wanted to keep you up to date with supply chain issues that we’ve been seeing in the parks, specifically in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. We have been checking It falls from the antiquities of Dok-Ondar, and on our most recent visit we realized that they were the lightsabers were still exhausted. More at Droid Deposit, we checked the condition of the packaging used for the droids.

Droid Depot

From this writing, droid box cases are still gone, and droids are being placed in plastic bags.

Droids are currently being placed in plastic shopping bags because their carrying cases are out of stock.

We’ll keep an eye on the stores around Galaxy’s Edge and let you know if we know of any changes.

Click here for more information on some of the recent changes to Galaxy’s Edge due to supply shortages.

This is a wrapper from the latest from Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Be sure to follow them before your next Disney World vacation for the latest updates and announcements of the parks and resorts. We are in the parks every day to provide you with the latest information you need to know, so you’ll want to check back often as you plan your trip!

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