What do you think of Disney’s Magical Express replacement launchers?

January 1, 2022 marked the official end of Disney’s Magical Express, which means guests now have to find their own transportation between Orlando International Airport (MCO) and their Disney World Resort hotel.

Disney’s Magical Express is officially retired

We’ve broken down all the alternative transportation options you have for your vacation, but if you’re looking for something more like Disney’s Magical Express, there are TWO new options: Mears Connect i The Sunshine Flyer. But, which one should you choose? And, are they really worth the cost? We want to know what you think!

Mears (now the bus company) began offering its own shuttle service between the MCO and Disney World hotels, known as Mears Connect – January 1, 2022. Customers wishing to use the shuttle service may choose between two different options that have different costs, waiting times, and associated stops.

Bus Mears Connect

He Standard service is the most comparable to Disney ‘s Magical Express and is a shared travel shuttle in which the transport is done in buses or vans type charter. The shuttle leaves the terminal in 20 minutes of your arrival and then makes a “limited number” of stops, drop off guests at several hotels such as the Disney Magical Express.

Currently, it costs $ 16 / adult i $ 13.50 / boy for outbound service and $ 32 / adult i $ 27 / nen for round trip service.

Mears Connect

The other option is Express service, which is in direct service with little or no waiting once you get to MCO. He The shuttle service will take you directly to your resort previous stops at any other hotel, although you may want to keep in mind that this is not a private service (so other guests may travel with you).

This service is a bit more expensive, it costs one $ 250 flat rate for a group of up to four people. There is an additional charge of $ 55 per person for groups over the age of four.

Bus Mears Connect

With Mears Connect officially up and running now, we want to know about YOU to help other Disney fans traveling to the parks! For example, AllEars reader Roseann recently shared her Mears Connect experience with us by writing:

“We just took the standard Mears service to / from Disney and the service was excellent. The wait at the airport was about 20 minutes and the bus was 4 stops from the station (we were 2nd) and the return arrived on time.

There is much more communication through text updates than Magical Express. Aside from the loss of another benefit for the guests of the resort, I was satisfied with the service. “

Mears Connect signage

So, did you use Mears Connect recently? If you want to share your experiences, you can leave a comment! All you have to do is create an AllEars profile, go to our main reviews page, Find Mears Connect, and then share ALL your opinions!

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The Sunshine Flyer is another new shuttle service available to guests operated by the privately held Transportation Management Services (TMS). The shuttle bus shuttle bus will be officially launched February 2022 and is comparable to both Disney’s Magical Express and Mears Connect.

© The Sunshine Flyer

Once up and running, The Sunshine Flyer will they only offer a shared transport service which will depart for Disney World within 20 minutes of your arrival and make several stops at Disney World hotels.

© The Sunshine Flyer

The Sunshine Flyer is priced similar to Mears Connect One-way service costs $ 17 per adult and $ 12.50 per child i Round trip service costs $ 34 per adult and $ 25 per child.

© The Sunshine Flyer

We are a few weeks away from launching the new service and look forward to hearing from you once we do! After using The Sunshine Flyer, come back here and leave a review! Again, all you have to do is create an AllEars profile, go to our main reviews page, Find the Sunshine Flyer, and then share your experience.

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Will you be using one of Disney World’s new shuttle services for your next trip? Let us know in the comments!

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