What’s new in EPCOT: dragons, dolls and bags from Dooney & Bourke!

Hello from EPCOT!

Earth spacecraft looks as beautiful as ever!

EPCOT is in a strange transition between holiday decorations and preparation for this week’s Festival of the Artslater. We’ve seen a lot of changes recently in the park, so Come with us to check out the latest EPCOT news!

EPCOT food updates

France – The ice cream maker

The new seasonal ice cream sandwich in the French pavilion of L’Artisan des Glaces is the giant raspberry macaroni with vanilla ice cream.

Giant macaroni!

You can get this or the chocolate $ 7 each.

EPCOT construction updates

The American adventure

The America Gardens Theater. Structures have been installed around the stage.

Things are happening!

This is probably to prepare for the Disney Concert Series on Broadway coming to the Arts Festival!

Very beautiful!

The pattern shows Minnie and Mickey on a beautiful Valentine’s Day date!

Click here for more information on this collection!

We also found something new Christmas sets for kids in here (strangely, in January!). This set is $ 34.99.

Look at this hat!

There were these super cute kids too holiday pants you can get by $ 29.99.

So festive!

We also saw a new one baseball jersey in Creations! The front has the Disney World logo and the big 71 about him


… and his back is Walt Disney World written through! You can get it for $ 59.99.

Ready to play ball

There is also a novelty “I Lava You” T-shirt. here, which is adorable $ 24.99.

We wash this!

A new one “My Happy Place” gold necklace. is in Creations for $ 24.99.

We agree!

The back looks Cinderella Castle!

A little different from the jewelry we usually see!

Perfect for adding a little glam to your outfit!

The Seas

Inside the store in The Seas Pavilion, we found a new one 50th anniversary children’s plastic bracelet. He has a pretty violet Mickey and some tape.


You can get it for $ 9.99.

Disney Merchants

Inside Disney Traders, we found the Blog Set “It’s a small world.” which we saw for Disney World.

Perfect for kids

They also had a new one Mickey t-shirt for kids!

Simple but fun!

This t-shirt is $ 19.99.

These are available (as long as they last) for $ 49.99.

Norway – The fjords

He embroidered ears they rested in the Norwegian store!

Come back!

These tend to run out pretty quickly, so we were excited to see them again. You can get them $ 29.99.

Click here to see more photos of Norwegian ears!

We also saw some news frozenthemed jewelry here! There is a Anna and Elsa necklace set for $ 29.99

Necklace of best friends!

…and one Olaf necklace!


We also found these fun Bruni pearl bracelets!


This little spirit of fire can warm you up on a cold day!

China – House of Good Fortune

A new one panda hat appeared in China, and is diffuse !!

AH !!!

You can take it for $ 19.

The American Adventure: Disney Art

At Art of Disney, we saw the Designer doll Ariel is in stock. It has a beautifully redesigned look and is a collector’s item.

Very beautiful!

You can get Ariel $ 129.99.

Japan – Mitsukoshi

For a while, Mitsukoshi’s back was completely empty where all the kimonos used to be.

There is no merchandise here

But, a few days ago, the section was replaced!

Yes, they are back!

We also found a new one Hunter x Hunter backpack in store…

New backpack

… As well as these new ones nice tight toy keychains!


These keychains are $ 9.95 each.

United Kingdom – The Crown & Crest

There are fantastic news shiny dragon statues inside The Crown & Crest in the UK Pavilion!


These are $ 100 each.

Additional EPCOT updates

Arts Festival

More Arts Festival decorations have been uploaded to the World Showcase! We saw these beautiful rainbows behind the new festival sign.

Very beautiful!

There are also some really cool giant paint tubes!

Click here to see more photos of the new Arts Festival decor!

Voice of Freedom

He Voices of Freedom They’re performing at the Roundabout again!

The voices of freedom are back!

Go ahead and check them out – you can find the schedules in your My Disney Experience app or outside the building.

Schedules may change, however!

This is a great way to freshen up and listen to some beautiful singing.

Great Party Tour

There are some skeletons are missing to the Gran Fiesta Tour on the market scene!

Where are they ?!

Hopefully this doesn’t turn into another Donald plant situation!

Trash cans

We’ve seen some of them untouched bins in the UK Pavilion! That way, you don’t have to wear the flap when you’re going to throw things away. These were mixed with the usual bins throughout the pavilion. We also found them in World Nature!

Without touching!

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Remy’s has finally gotten rid of the virtual queuing system and now uses a normal queue!

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Waiting Line

It is also included in the early entry to the theme park, so you can leave the rope trip even earlier if you are staying at a Disney World hotel.

Click here for more information on Remy’s new queue

This is the whole new EPCOT! Stay tuned to DFB for more Disney World news and updates.

Click here to see what’s new in Animal Kingdom

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