#MusicMonday Review – December 2021

In #musicmond I have been using this hashtag for quite some time to share song recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, they try to find trends before they become one. You can check November review For more music.

That’s it. The end of the year. This month’s music summarizes this blog: Essential genres, multiple themes, lots of locations, and different languages, with quality everywhere.. Let’s hear, a word from the artists. 3

Last Hounds – Balaclava

The world seems to be a volatile place
We are digging graves to save our own place
We are very deep, we have lost our legs
Now we are drowning
We’ll be gone for weeks
I’m so scared because I know I’m going down
So I would lift my head and take a deep breath

There is no better way to start the last month of the year than to listen to hard hitting, arena shaking, hardcore tracks. Birmingham, United Kingdom. Take it until you are satisfied:

“I like the idea of ​​having a track that looks like it was designed to run in an arena setting, to please a large crowd. Don’t be afraid to start again and grow up. A big song needs a big meaning. “

spotify: track: 3x9TaYjQsWXs8GXj0SPppM: Small

Gray Caffeine – Hurricane


So little honesty
And so much vanity
It is impossible to listen to the heart
It’s not my wish
Doesn’t make me sensitive
The game between the two is over

And we couldn’t help it
Between the two blinds him
Like a hurricane
I pulled the two of us

Sinaloa, Mexico, the place where the band finds inspiration to bring us some melodic pop that draws you in, like a hurricane:

Hurricane From the moment you are born you realize that a relationship will no longer be able to move forward, that one thing and the other are lost and forget why you are together. While this is not a sad song, we wanted to conceive a sad touch in it. “

spotify: track: 0SzmJhslxqVDvZik2R0SgQ: Small

Feral Family – Save it for the day

feralfamily.jpgIf there is danger ahead

Stay indoors

What you think you will get

Nothing I want to try

We moved to Yorkshire, UK for an Alt. Post-punk base heavy, dark, sonicly raw, your-face track. Don’t let this get you down:

“It took a while to fully compose, I created it in a completely different way than I could compose music.

Once the alloy line was set between the tracks, then the correct pieces needed to be fitted to form the melody.

There were several different versions of this song before we were happy with where it was going. “

spotify: track: 0Gf0LygZRfadJf7BfP1PIr: short

ZieM – IV

earth.jpgAnd coming here, I gave you

The key to opening in me

The reason for existence.

No doubt

That I am for you

For our last track of the year, let’s go for a song in Madeleine, Colombia where spirits can gather and always be there:

“It’s a very interesting story because I organized a writing session with Neil (another co-author) and really decided to use this old practice room at the university where we study.

We were looking for a theme for the song, to tell a story, but we were stuck with the same old boring ideas; We were looking for something fresh; And all of a sudden he said to me as a joke: “Let’s sing a song about this practice room” and he started laughing but this phrase opened the door of my mind and I said to him: “You know? It’s not a bad idea. We can compare. This house was abandoned and annoying in someone’s heart but suddenly someone came and changed it all around. “

That’s how we used that old house as a metaphor for love.

With that in mind, I think the song has just begun to be influenced by the feelings and emotions that we both felt along the way. “

spotify: track: 4gKERUnEuJ3zXXj794jtPC: small

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