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Moving towards recording, the producers traditionally took the challenge of translating a television show into audio seriously. Die podcast game Team members examine and re-examine the show’s games, carefully calibrating each part to ensure that the show maintains the right balance between interesting quizzes that will invite listeners to participate, and simple challenges that will overwhelm listeners with long instructions or relentless sound effects. . One priority, both producers mentioned, was to give space to open moments between contestants.

“We’re really proud of how well we’ve been able to maintain the excitement of a game show without the usual multi-camera set up,” he added. Associate show producer Gianluca Shapek, A creative producer podcast on Spotify DACH. “For a long time, game shows have only been a major feature of mainstream TV – they definitely work exactly the same (or better) in audio format!”

The secret ingredient in this show’s recipe for game show success? Host Jenin. Both producers are credited with taking the show to new heights. For the record Talk to Quizmaster to learn more about the experience of helping bring this audio adventure to life.

You are creating pivots from hosting on TV to hosting in an audio format. What is your favorite aspect of the new format?

It’s the perfect fun, entertaining, tag-long quiz show with great guests, games and everything. And I can host it in sweat!

Were there any challenges or differences in working with audio that surprised you?

I can totally focus the audio. That is the difference and the challenge. My voice has to do the whole thing. I love it.

The game show has moments of suspense and intense drama. How do you ensure that your audience experiences the same highs and lows?

The contestants and I took them there. All the fun and games aside, it’s still a competition — everyone wants to win. It became serious. You can hear the excitement. Also, the sound design is great, and so does the technique.

Who can expect the first few guest listeners in the show? Can you share some behind-the-scenes fun moments from the recording that didn’t make it into episodes?

Well, there it is Laura Larson, Stephanie Gizzinger, Drangsal, And Ali Newman, To name just a few of them. They are all different, all terrible. And the behind-the-scenes fun is actually part of this podcast. We all record and off the record with each other in the same way. Listen and you’ll hear it.

What about Die podcast game Are you most proud?

The whole package. I just love that show!

See how you match the first round of game show contestants. Flow Die podcast game, Now

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