Verdale Walker, head of children’s audio content, explains Spotify’s partnership with Cockmelon – and launches four exciting new shows for the family.

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You did Definitely I’ve heard of cokemelon if you have kids. (This is YouTube’s number one kids channel, for those who don’t have kids.) Cockmalon videos are full of catchy songs and energetic, colorful stories that combine the various adventures of a kid named JJ and his friends – from show-and-tell to show-time and Even after that. Now, the brand is leaning towards audio media as CoComelon enters into a multi-year deal with Spotify.

Spotify will partner with Kokmelon producers Munbagh Entertainment For a new podcast, During the Cockmelon story, As well as a mix of other original and exclusive “homegrown” shows Moonbagh Entertainment’s show on Spotify provides one Incomparable Opportunity for families to experience their favorite characters in a whole new way.

Photo Credit: Moonbagh Entertainment

Since our launch alone Spotify Kids The app, Spotify offers interesting and age-appropriate audio content for parents and their children. Through this new partnership, we’re releasing unique podcast content designed specifically for families to enjoy together. Family and Kids Hub’s original Spotify app, as well as the Spotify Kids app, will feature an array of exciting stories for parents, especially for Spotify premium family subscribers.

As the head of kids audio content on Spotify, Verdale Walker Responsible for setting up and managing audio content that serves families “We have a mission to be the number one audio platform in the world, and a big part of that is to make sure we have something for everyone,” he explained. For the record. “No matter how old or young you are.”

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Why is it so important for Spotify to create content that appeals to families?

There are many vacancies in the world of audio spoken for families. There are plenty of children’s music, yes, and audiobook versions of children’s books, but there is a lack of high-quality audio content for parents to enjoy with their children.

With indigenous shows for families, we have the opportunity to create a golden standard for audio that parents will return to when they play podcasts with their children. We know that parents are often looking for ways to reduce screen time, so we want to promote audio to a place where parents will consider it as an alternative to other forms of entertainment and educational media.

There is a lot of flexibility in this audio experience in terms of story, character, format, narrative structure — and we can really push the envelope with what the audio of spoken words might mean. It’s a happy medium between entertainment and learning and it’s a way to get involved together.

How will working with Cockmelon and Moonbug Entertainment help Spotify expand this content offer?

Cocommelon is one of the most recognized IP in the world. This partnership with Moonbug allows us to enjoy truly favorite stories that bring joy to families and it signals to the wider world, parents, creators that we are serious about this space. We’re working with recognized brands and creating a splash with names that parents recognize and trust. These partnerships and these stories are a new way for new and existing CoComelon fans to communicate with this brand in a creative way.

Tell us a little about the upcoming domestic show.

During the Cockmelon story, Launching on January 24, Includes 42 favorite story books including one classic Cockmelon twist. T.She teaches stories positive life lessons and provides families with fun and educational content that they can enjoy together. It is available in four languages ​​including Us And United Kingdom English, Spanish, German, And Brazilian Portuguese.

Gardenkeeper Gas, Probably my favorite show on Slate, launching January 31st. It’s designed for families of young children, and it’s a quiet and thoughtful preschool podcast that follows six-year-old Gass and his squirrel best friend, Rail, as they explore and understand the endless and larger gardens behind his family home.

100 CinderellaLaunched on February 14 and designed for families with young children, it is an anthropology series of Cinderella stories from around the world and it fits.Le for bedtime. If you have children or know someone who has children, you know that sleep is a special source of pain and frustration! We are publishing this story in two different formatsOne is a full 30 minutes, and the other is short so you can listen to it for many nights and choose which one is best for your bedtime.

Deep blue sea, Launching on February 28, it’s a fun underwater adventure featuring two characters, Marina and Reef. Listeners will visit an underwater, oceanic laboratory, Sea Lab Alpha with an impressive view of ocean life and learn about sharks, whales and more. I am excited for the audience to protect the sea and learn to be a good steward of the sea.

What are some of your favorite stories from when you were little?

I loved it Redwall Series Catherine, whose name is Birdie. I was too Masters of the Universe, In particular They are. When I was little, I would run around the house with a toy sword and declare, “I have the power of the universe; I am them! ” It was so empowering for me. I watched every episode of the revival and it was incredible. I loved it when I was growing up Complete spy, Kim is possible . . . You can feel the trend. I like stories with strong women.

Can’t wait for the new Cockmelon spoken word audio content to come to Spotify? Grab the trailer below.

And in the meantime, fill your mind with Kokmelon songs, all in one place.

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