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The third season of the show You Beveled ended abruptly with a cliff-hanger. A movie with many twists and turns comes to a conclusion that leaves you wanting more. You will not see anything else until you have processed enough. It’s time to launch the podcast.

“With TV shows and movies, sometimes we end up and we want to talk about it with someone as enthusiastic as we are,” he said. Jessica Diaz-Hurtado, Spotify Podcast Editor, Music and Entertainment. “Podcasts are a great entry point for people to listen to, especially pop-culture experts who study television and film, talking about a part of the media – or you may even hear from the director. Podcasts can give a completely different perspective.”

Jessica suggested lining up the “Listen If You Watch” page on Spotify, which she helps curate with a bunch of pop culture fans. Their job? Help fans find their favorite media interviews, insights and analyzes — and maybe, perhaps, their next favorite podcast.

Where “see and hear”

Wednesday, when fans navigate from Spotify search to Podcast Tile, they’ll see a shelf called “Listen if you see.” Each week, the podcast editorial team captures a relevant cultural TV or movie moment and makes a set of related podcast recommendations.

But if you miss Wednesday, don’t be afraid to typeIf you see, listenSearch to find a more comprehensive page created by Podcast Programming Leads (and self-proclaimed art fans) Isabella Way, Complete with refreshing curation every week. Isabella explains how she took the shelf from the podcast page and made it into four separate sections:

  1. If you see, listen … The first shelf is similar to what is on the homepage of the podcast section – about TV shows, movies or genres of the moment, and inspired episodes. It is updated every Wednesday, but you can find it here throughout the week. Recent themes have been included West Side Story, Emmys, and Don’t look up.
  2. For [GENRE] Fans The second shelf has podcast episode curations around your favorite TV- and movie-related themes – think of superheroes, real crime or action.. “Here, too, we have the opportunity to build on proprietary and exclusive content,” Isabella said. “For example, when we curated for ‘horror’ fans, we were able to show three episode episodes, one of which highlighted the haunted houses that they turned into fictional stories.” The Conjuring
  3. Made. [NAME] Stance Third, the brand new shelf has a tagline that reads, “Episodes inspired by the celebrities of that moment, curated by our resident General Zerr.” This shelf allows the team to make sure they are interested in programming content that all of our listeners, including General Z, are interested in. At the forefront of culture, General Gers is passionate about diversity and inclusion, and this space allows us to program content that is equally so during the first week of the new shelf, during its two-season debut. Wave, “Made for Daya Stance” (aka zendaya) An upcoming title may include “Made for… Timmy Stance” (it Timothy Chalamet) And yes, it has been curated by an actual General Z Spotify staff, lowercase letters and all.
  4. Stay up to TV and film everything The final shelf contains 8-10 different podcasts around the TV and film industry, and it captures a wide range of images rather than a specific subject or theme. This shelf has podcast titles at show level instead of episodes, so it paints a more holistic view of the space. It is updated monthly, which gives you enough time to invest deeply in the show or host.

Always in the know

With a film and TV hub for weekly updates, the podcast editorial team needs to be constantly on their toes, ready to show a new obsession at any moment. Secret? They don’t plan so much in advance.

Of course there are time cures from some events and dates and cultural moments তারিখ annual award shows and big movie franchise release dates are always at the top of my mind. But the team is loose and flexible, ready to jump into a trend at any moment. Squid game. They do this by placing it in online publications and podcast newsletters, such as social media, magazines and newspapers – and of course, listening to podcasts. Pop culture Happy Hour To introduce them to the media from NPR which they have not heard.

It is also important for the team to find, listen to and show programs that represent different populations A fan of Jessica Bechdale cast, Where TV, film and music feature women and Isabella often tunes Black Men Can’t Jump [In Hollywood], Which is a humorous podcast that reviews films with color actors and analyzes them in the context of race and diversity. And the team ensures a change in the size and scope of their featured podcasts. “When I was curating around Reservation dog, I was trying to draw some more shows from indie podcast producers, especially since I wanted to highlight podcasts that were created by Native Americans who were talking about the show or talking about show issues, “Jessica shared.

The “If you see the “Listen” page Full of episodes and shows including hot adoption, thoughtful reflections, fan theory and much more. It holds a relevant, relevant audio mirror to the world of TV and film media that surrounds us. What’s more, it’s a great way to find one or two episodes related to your interests.

Tune in weekly (or more often) to listen to podcasts — and for those who are just as obsessed with you.

This week’s “Listen If You Watch” is: YA Movies. Hear about Twilight, For all the boys I love before, The Hate You Give, Booksmart, And Lady Bird From culture fans and experts.

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