Manizha shares her vision for gender equity in the music industry

Singer-songwriter Manina A strong supporter of using his voice for change. His up-tempo, Tajik- and folk-inspired beat and eclectic art-pop aesthetics have been defining features of his music for almost a decade. But Manija really spoke to people during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 when she took the opportunity to be a champion, including LGBTQUIA + Discrimination and Prevention of Domestic Violence, among the reasons she was most passionate about. His song “Russian womanA girl-power song about the transformation of women’s roles in Russia has won its ninth place in the competition.

Earlier this month, he became the face of Spotify EQUAL Global Playlist And join EQUAL Global Music Program, Whose goal is to fight gender inequality in the music industry. As part of the program, Maniza also recorded her new single, “Now or never“- A cover of traditional folk songs”See line ladies”Popular by Nina Simon– Through the Spotify Singles program. The song is Russia’s first Spotify Singles release and will be available on January 28th.

Maniza was born in Tajikistan and lived there until the height of the Tajik civil war in 1994, when she fled to Moscow and began studying music and participating in children’s singing competitions. In 2016, he started recording music as a solo artist and in 2020, he was announced as one Greetings For the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. Manija regularly speaks out against unattainable beauty values ​​for women, and at a recent concert, she removed her makeup and wiped it off to the audience members who wanted to follow her lead.

Fans may see Manija on a billboard in New York’s Times Square this month, but in the meantime, we’ve been able to ask her about her career highlights, her musical inspiration, and her vision for the future of women in music.

The artists who have inspired me the most are _____.

Björk, Nina SimonAnd Tanita Tikaram.

I would suggest other female artists _____.

Before you do what you’ve been told, think first and then say, “No hell, I’ll keep it the way I want it!”

One of the highlights of my career so far has been _____.

My first big solo show in Moscow!

My creative process consists of _____.

Finding new ways to be more honest in music.

In the music industry I want to see greater gender equality is _____.

Don’t follow the stereotypes of beauty, maintain your own personality and don’t fit the majority or whatever.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of the top female artists _____.

Loves Luke, CelesteAnd Tyra Hack.

My Girl-Power Music is _____.

Has to be realBy Cheryl Lynn.

Want to turn on the volume? Listen to new music from Manija and other female music artists from around the world on our EQUAL Global Playlist.

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