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De vez en cuando, se lanza una película con una banda sonora que los fanáticos no puden quitarse de la cabeza. Here is the case Encantoque se estrenó en los Disney streaming services In November and later entonsces presented Madrigal’s family to all the people of the world.

The story of Maribel Madrigal and her mother, t ,a, tío, hermanas and magically dotadas tiene lugar en Colombia y cuenta con el apoyo de un elenco de actores, cantantes y productores latinos, inculida la compositora Germaine Francothe compositor Lin-Manuel Miranday el cantautor Sebastian Yatra. But the message of the película, about the obligation with the family, the legacy of trauma and the presumption for conformance, is universal, because the son of a sonor has learned more than 20 ideas and has a great number. The best albums released in Spotify in 2022. *

Hasta el momento, la banda sonora de Encanto There are more than 494 million streams in all parts of the world, ** and the countries with the largest index of the Colombia, the United States, the Philippines, Panama, Iceland and the United Kingdom.

Part of what this is all about is getting so excited that many of them have lost their excuses, like “Dos Oruguitas”, That the valet sebastián yatra his first senile between the 20 primaries, and“We Don’t Talk About Bruno“/”No se Habla de Bruno”, Which convinced the Prime Minister of the number one name of Lin-Manuel in Spotify at the United States. Anero and Ahora have more than 100 million streams on Spotify. ***

También is dominating the international lists, as the number one name in the Top 50 list of Reino Unit of Spotify. There are three concoctions of the Banda sonora se ubicaron entre las diez primeras en la lista de consumo de concidos de Estados Unidos, inclidas ”.Surface Pressure“”What Else Can I Do?“, Y”The Family Madrigal”. In general, the band sonora de Encanto Get the first number in one of the official compilations and lists of Spotify bands for the same amount of time.

“Saber que ‘No Se Habla de Bruno ‘ There are many different types of tantalizing genera of different organisms that are incremental, and are in the Top 50 list of Spotify music lists, ”he said. Carolina Gaitan – La Gaita, who interprets the Tepa Pepa de Mirabel and lidera las voces en “Bruno” en las bandas sonoras en inglés y español de Encanto. “I wish he had a surprise for everyone, but without him he will be a surprise more than my life.”

The creation of Encanto It’s just as magical as the story itself. La huella sonora de Encanto If you can write in the great mediator the Mexican compositor-estadounidense Germaine Franco, who recently dealt with Disney and Disney animation as compositor, musical and orchestrated product. Since embarking, this is the first time that Germaine Asumió has become the principal composer of a Disney película of the day, but that convincing at the first mujer in Ocupar is this place in the compañía. Trading with Lin-Manuel y Tom MacDougall, President of Disney Music, an animated antecedent of Disney, the gardening of Germaine that is one of the projections and collaborations with Lin-Manuel in the archetypal orchestras, the extravaganza and the production of concoctions.

For the Record Talk about Germaine about compositing Encantoinclude the tariya que hizo para dar vida a la colombiana mus la en pantalla.

How do you prepare for this project?

For every part of the crew, I like to sumer profoundly in the culture of the protagonists and the specific regions of the ubiquity in the narcissism. There was a lot of listening and studying the instruments, instruments, styles of interpretations, harmonies, melodies and rituals of the traditional Colombian music. We feel that the Colombian instruments are a source of inspiration to us, and as such, especially the arpa llanera and the marimba de chonta, and we know that the partnership will be much more interesting and we will listen to the voices of beautiful musicians and singers.

How to introduce a part of the “magic realism”, a well-known theme among the famous Latinoamericans / Colombians?

Receiving the name of the first Vez, came to the heart of the magic of realism Gabriel García Márquez in Spanish. Also read historical texts on history, music and Colombian literature. Documents and videos on Colombian culture. Quería connect with ese mundo más allá de la “realidad” de lo que se ve. I imagine in this world. Seguía thinks “Is Cuál the magic sound of magic?” mientras trabajaba.

A magical clave of real magic in the partner is the voice of femininity. Imagine that the voices of women will be represented in this world. I connect profoundly with the tradition of the present cantadora in the Afrocolombianas regions of Colombia, and we grab a coro in vivo Colombia con Isa Mosqueraone of the coristas of the band Carlos Vivesand a bunch of veterans coming to Los Angeles.

Another aspect of the magical sound of the soundtrack that makes the sound of many sounds flatus hechas made of natural, baby, tocadas for exquisite Pedro Eustache. The voice of Pedro can hear the largo of the partner. If you listen, listen to the song, a traditional Colombian flau and one of my favorite instruments in the partnership.

What does it mean for you and for other women or Latin compositions to participate in this película?

When I called for the first time to work on the pelvic, I was able to do business with Lin-Manuel and the cineastas. Don’t worry about “first things”. My principal era was to make the best band sonora possible for this hermosa película. Quería tener erxito como artista y darle a la música un sonido latino auténtico. Encanto This is a hit for Walt Disney Animation Studios because of its large number of 60s, as it was felt that a responsiveness was important to me because one of them was very fond of the main characters, Mirabel and his abulala, the través of music.

This is because of the tenacity of this tenacity of the abrirr la puerta a otras mujeres y personas de color. It is important for us that we have more equity than delante like the camera, and it is not possible that solo is one of the many latinos in the pelvis. Let’s meet with Lin-Manuel Miranda, an integral Latin, product Yvett Merinothe co-director and the guinea pig Charise Castro-Smiththe producer of songs Mike Elizondo, Sebastián Yatra, and Carlos Vives. This película is an ejemplo del poder de las voces auténtas en el cine and the music that collaborate to inspire our world. This is a sign that the industry is changing, even leaning. Celebrate the heck of millions of families from all walks of life, women and people of color with veils in their pantalo and disgust with the bandana sonora!

La banda sonora de Encanto There is a great deal of commercials, alchemizing the number two globals of Spotify and the number one in the list of albums of Spotify in 2021. á Cuáles ?

I hope so Encanto Touch the hearts of the millennials and inspire the little ones to salivate and get their first instrument and learn to touch. It is very much appreciated with all the fanatics of the película in all parts of the world that there has been a time for its occult vidas to participate in the cinematographic experience that we are doing for everyone. Significant mucho. When some of the receptions to the película in the red sociales, I feel comfortable knowing all the creative stuff and that we have the privilege of being part of his vidas of a manera pequeña. I really believe that music has the power to make people in all parts of the world. ¡Muchas gracias a todos los fanáticos de Encanto in all the world! Que se diviertan!

List for news from Bruno? Escucha la banda sonora de Encanto y sumérgete por completo en la historia de la Familia Madrigal.

* Al 27 de enero de 2022

** Part 1 of February 2022

** A part of the 20th of 2022

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