#MusicMonday Review – January 2022

In #musicmond I have been using this hashtag for quite some time to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, they try to find trends before they become one. You can check December review For more music.

Welcome to 2022! The new year brings us opportunities to start anew, and to hear different perspectives on the world, and we all live in that reality. Let’s listen to the artists themselves with one word. 3

Super Moon – Compassion

If I could be you, and you could be me

Can we see things differently?

I want to believe that you can see

People who like me

We are fine

Comes from the first track of the year Edinburgh, Scotland For an indie track that asks questions we should all try to answer ourselves. Do you believe in empathy for everyone?

“As far as I’m concerned, it was a conscious decision to write a song about being beautiful rather than being angry or upset. I had an idea of ​​what it would be like to be in someone’s shoes like a polar opponent of dissent on issues like poverty. And resources. Can I understand them?” ? Although I don’t think there was anyone specific in mind. “

spotify: track: 3hK1ANdIfA4qqPDZlnHCRw: small

Joyce – cold water


The sum of all the weights,
All wrong
Bound by revelation,
All is well

10000 hours
50000 plan
Practically friend
Virtually over

Keeping the indie rock vibe, let’s now go to Liverpool, England for a song with an interesting chorus that really invites you to sing, especially if you relate to the relationship it describes:

“The track is often centered around a specific time. Of course inspired by life events.

We were jamming in the practice room and I already had the song, I diversify the song writing process depending on whether it writes the melody and the rhythm itself. The lyrics matched the music and we left. It’s centered around the discomfort of a short-term relationship, it’s got a sexual undertone. Speaks with the feeling of being tired by someone. It has different meanings. “

spotify: track: 678yDOyKxTq06W72p6BqRM: short

REOT – Disgusting song


I’m with you today, maybe not tomorrow
Who will know our fate?

And I try to think by looking at you
Who joined us, who joined us?

Just me, I try to tell you
Do I miss you my love, do I miss you.

Only you and me
We travel to different planets without knowing your destination.

Attractive Bassline? Check. Drum solo? Check. Piano, trumpet, and guitar solos? Check, check, and check! Listen to this jazzy Argentine rock extravaganza from Buenos Aires:

Cursed song A story of a character who lives in complete conflict between good and evil, Yin and Yang! His Satan, and his angels. He ‘Involved in schizophrenia and her non-decision speaks to her everyday.

With those modern and vintage tones with jazz, the track gives something old to relate to, but with a 2021 sound.

spotify: track: 6k8p0F52Unwr8ydxnYSE4u: small

Sunhill – Golden Day


You do not need to clean the pool
There is no need for gardening rules
No fun in my town
The green leaves turn brown and come back

Sell ​​all my things today
Because things never go my way
All the time we never saw
Some got in and away

When a feeling-beautiful garage punk song comes from Borhom, Sweden, it may be the saddest feeling you can find. Don’t make friends and don’t celebrate too many days:

“The songs were written in response to what you hear in the news. About the outbreak of viruses, climate change, political divisions and a devastating and bleak future of mental health issues, which can make golden days feel far away.”

spotify: track: 70Bw8jD6dp7TbF8tKW0rjR: short

Blaze Project – A Mile to Go


But I have a lot of questions …

Our last stop of the month is Quebec, Canada, to ask questions about a pop rock story that may not have an answer, but may be part of a soul searching journey for confidence:

“The song deals with the subject of a man abandoned by his mother on the way to meet him on the last mile, wondering if this is the right thing to do. A very beautiful melody and emotional music.”

spotify: track: 4o91Jbow0OcsZ3GWUg0QUW: Small

#MusicMonday 2021

Spin the music of 2021 by listening to last year’s compilation. The 103 titles from the original artists cover a wide variety of genres, all representing multiple trends and independent artists are proud to be established.. Listen:

spotify: Playlist: 7 BbYaMoNZ14pUxMWXlzvDh: Small

Listen to this month’s music and more in the full 2022 playlist:

spotify: user: osornios: playlist: 2IYRLjcwf2X9vC0QrI0b0P

See you next month!

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